Monday, August 31, 2009

kristen smiles through the pain of a bad wig... rob calendar... new 'new moon' stills...

Whew, Monday, fini.

I'm hoping that this week flies by... It's one of those weeks that's just annoying for me. My primary objective this week is to schedule my next few months... I'm making appointments to sell my bookstores the fall list... Basically, I just need to squeeze everyone in by Thanksgiving.

It's plenty of time... It's just the process of making the appointments that drives me nuts... The emails, the phonecalls, the waiting to hear back from people.

Obviously the objective is to schedule it so that you're not going into Manhattan for one 25 minute meeting... Or driving 2.5 hrs to NJ and 2.5 hrs back for a 45 min meeting and nothing else.

But, ultimately, I work around my buyers schedules... (And, that's how it should be... that's my job.) So, it's just one of the more annoying parts of my job...

The actual visits and chatting with people are way more fun.

So, I'm plodding through. I've still got like 20 appointments to make... but, it'll get done.

Tomorrow I'm actually headed to South Jersey for one of my first appointments of this season. I'm doing it early b/c I actually never got to see this store for LAST season... So, we're killing both lists at once.

Anyyyyyyyyyway, what else... not much!

Wednesday is an early am dentist appointment.

First, I canceled on the dentist to go to Remember Me set... that was way back in June!

I rescheduled for some time in August... thinking RM would be done and I wouldn't have to cancel at the last minute...

And, then the dentist canceled on me... understandable, her child was sick (really sick if I heard right...).

So, now it's September and hopefully I'm finally going to get there. Pray for my teeth. There are a few that sort of hurt so I have a feeling it's not going to be good news.

That's about it... Just want to ff to Friday...

This Friday is my good friend Jo Lin's 30th birthday. We can talk more about that at the end of the week... But, basically, I just can't believe we are old as hell.

And, please don't tell Jo that I told you how old she is. She'd kick the shit out of me. She weights 1/2 of what I do... but, she has beaten me up before... and I bet she could do it again. LOL.

Since she doesn't read this, I can tell you that I got her a bday card that sings 'Hangin Tough' by NKOTB. lol.

Saturday, if all goes as planned, I should be heading out to NJ for a shopping spree... which will be the highlight of my life... As there's nothing I enjoy more than spending money.

Okay, sorry for boring you... On to twi-related news..

We'll work progressively backwards... hehe.

Newest first...

Kristen was on set with the actress who plays her mom Renee today... They were filming the visit that Bella and Edward make to Florida.

Now, the first thing one notices is..... the wig is awful. I mean, really, it is. It doesn't even look like it's the right COLOR. Her hair totally had red highlights in the first 2 movies... this one looks plain brown.

hours after seeing these pictures, i saw this one which is a bit more close up...

after seeing the one below, i relaxed a *little* bit... i feel like it looks better close up...
do you agree? at least the sun seems to be giving it some highlights. we'll have to hope for the best... lol.

seriously summit... hair is NOT the place to cheap out...

cut your budget for fucking stupid ass crest jewelery for the members of the cullen clan...

still not enough money saved?

fire the kid who plays eric and eliminate the character all together (sorry if you like him, i hate him... i know the character is supposed to be annoying but he made me cringe every time he was on screen in twilight... so unbelievably irksome...we did away with ben... we can surely do away with eric.)

the next thing that you should notice about the photos above is that kristen is smiling way more than usual... you figure it out.

and, that's a good segway to the following...

slightly bigger version of one of the premiere mag rob pix.

the article doesn't really say anything new. being famous is weird. having your picture taken and being followed 24/7 kind of sucks. you've heard it before.

and, unfortunately, they didn't publish any of the other awesome rob pix from this photoshoot... hopefully more of them will turn up online eventually.

now, b/c we're friends, i'll tell you, i already have 372 calendars for 2010

i have TWO rob pattinson 2010 calendars... and, today, another was announced... this one is supposedly "official" .... whatever that means.

anywhoo, so, now it looks like i'll have 373 calendars for 2010.

because i'm lazy and forgetful, i neglected to post these new stills when they debuted online days ago.... but, i know some of my doll peeps don't really investigate twilight on their own... so, they may still be new to some of you!

and, this one actually did just come out today...

For anyone who actually cared about my doll project from last weekend... this his how it turned out... The image on the Left is the AFTER and on the Right is the BEFORE. I think I do like her more now... We'll see how long she gets to stick around.

i guess she's not really ALL that different...

One quick movielog entry



Basically, if you've seen or read any Bret Easton Ellis... you've seen/read it all. The 80s. Drugs. Sex. Misery.

So, this is the same old, same old. Bright Lights, Big City and Less than Zero were better.

Poor Winona Ryder... wtf happened to your life/career? You were once one of my favorites!

Okay, that's all. Believe it or not, I'm going to bed before I am. Shocking, I know. I barely slept last night b/c I couldn't fall asleep till literally like 7am. That's what happens when you sleep your entire Sunday away!




  1. yeah the wig looks pretty awful... i'm really surprised they got her cheap looking wig.

    i want an alexander skarsgard calender!!! =D

  2. If all goes according to plan! *croses fingers*

  3. Kristen looks happy, that's nice.
    Whoa on the calendar numbers hahahaha

    yes, you rarely sleep before 1 am. You7re the one friend i know who sleeps less than i do.

    No none of your flickr friends i assume do the RP pic hunting coz they rely on you.

    Winona Ryder,lack of substance and I don't mean drugs.

    I haven't been here in awhile. I like reading you.

    Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  4. I love the AFTER doll! She's so cute...almost has a Peter Pan meets Snow White feel! I heart the dress! I thought of you this week, my mom bought this funky tee at Zara in Vegas that has a girl on it that looks like your dolls! In fact, she bought two! You should go check'em out..very fun.

  5. aw, thanks for the compliments on the red haired girl! i need to see these tees... going to look into it right away! you should have snapped a picture!

  6. Haha..sorry, I'll snap one of her shirt this week! I was so busy working that I was shocked I noticed what she was wearing! Have fun in Toronto! So freakin' jealous! I can't wait to see all of the pics!