Friday, August 21, 2009

cutouts, board games and action figures, oh my!

well, they're certainly not as fun as *yesterday's* merch... but, today brings with it a new batch of twi crap ready to be ordered...

first there's the new moon board game...

i bought the 'twilight' game... and, let me say, it was pretty crappy. there was at least one question in there that was flat out WRONG... and, they didn't even bother to spell emmett correctly. haha.

i'll probably get this one too... just b/c i enjoy flushing money down the toilet.

but, i know it will suck.

someone should come out with a REAL trivial pursuit style twilight game based on the BOOKS. with questions that are actually difficult rather than questions that are geared to an 8 year old who's never read the books and only seen the movie once.

then again, i get that such a game would only appeal to true crazies... like myself... but, aren't there a lot of true twi crazies out there? i think so!

also some new action figures... though, we've seen pix of these before i think...

i like the looks of the alice figure. definitely will get her. still haven't gotten a bella. this one is as hideous as the one that comes in the edward 2 pack. she looks like a tranny. oy!

and why do their arms have to stick out so much like they're ready to pounce?

also, some more giant cardboard standees...

melissa is really not into the whole giant cardboard standee thing... then again, i'm 31 years old... so, i guess that's kind of a good thing.

when i was about 13 i had a giant freddy kruger stand up in my bedroom... i also convinced our local, independently owned, video store to give me this giant cardboard standup for the christian slater movie 'pump up the volume'

i wish i had some photos of them... actually, i bet there probably are some... but, i have no idea where to look to dig them out.

i've been thinking i should take some new pix of my office soon... since i cleaned it out today... most of my flickr friends have seeen my disastrous office... but, it might be entertaining for the rest of you... there's a good amt of twi crap in here...

as of right now, the action figures and standees are only available for sale via forbidden planet in the UK... but, i'm quite certain they will be available in the US soon... FYE stores had been selling the twilight ones...

action figures


what's going on in vancouver...

ashley seems to be the only one out and about on the streets this days. her dog is so cute!

this high school musical girl annoys me... of course, the big joke with this photo is that both of them have had nude photo scandals... heh.

here's a new shot from the set last night... apparently they were filming a scene between victoria and riley and also a scene with rosalie and royce king...

at least they wigged bryce dallas howard. i'm going to hate her no matter what... but, i'd have hated her more if she didn't have the appropriate hair.

a couple of more outtakes from the recent Kristen/Taylor EW

and a creepy new edward in 'new moon' pic

movielog entries of the day:



this was adorable! it was about a neurotic mess of a guy (played by the super awesome giovanni ribisi) whose therapist advises him to get a dog to improve his life

all sorts of zaniness ensues... with both loan sharks and a paris-hilton like bimbo trying to steal the pooch.

really enjoyed this one. very light and fun... unlike the other movie i watched yesterday......



This was also great... but, heartbreaking and horrifying too.

It's a look at human trafficking of young girls and boys as sex slaves. I knew that this was a major problem... but, what I didn't know is that there is quite a bit of US involvement here.

The movie focuses on a group of girls (and a boy) brought from Mexico into the US where they were then sold via online auction...

The film is based on true cases and the US govt estimates that every year, up to 100,000 people are trafficked through the United States in this way...

And, apparently, the government doesn't commit any resources to look into it...

So, all around horrifying and tragic. Though, there are some moments of triumph in the film as well... Kevin Kline plays an American cop who decides to get involved to help one family...

Okay, that's it for now! Off to enjoy some Friday night pizza!

Somewhat slow weekend... I'm taking a lazy day tomorrow... Maybe doing that Twilight reread I keep threatening... And then Sunday getting together with some old friends and then seeing 'Inglorious Basterds.'

Have a good one!


  1. UGH! I HATE BDH as Victoria. And I have to disagree- that is not "approproate hair". It's horrible. She's horrible. I'm pissed still. And usually REALLY good at boycotting stuff so I'm so torn bc it's freaking Twilight. Ok, had to vent :D

  2. oh, don't get me wrong, i still abhor her. and, i'm sure that the hair will look horrific.

    but, i was thinking they would just have her in her normal dark red hair...which i'd have hated even more... !

  3. Wait, Vanessa Hudgens (is that her name?) is going to be in Eclipse? Please tell me it's not true! Also, I read in a magazine that Catherine Hardwicke said that Bryce Howard was actually the front runner for the role of Victoria in Twilight... very interesting.

  4. nope, i don't think vanessa is going to be in eclipse! that's just a rumor that has been going around for a while... no truth to it!