Sunday, August 16, 2009

good morning sunday!

hola all,

i'm about to head out to central park on this glorious (though hot!) sunday afternoon... planning to spend it relaxing with dolly friends.

but, before i go, need to update with some light of twi photos from last night. (if you haven't picked up on this yet, let me clarify "the light of twi" is the massively entertaining real life soap opera which surrounds the twilight saga films)

anyway, so, yep, cast of twilight, was, as expected, at the kings of leon concert in vancouver last night.

god knows how they do it but paps spotted the cast and managed to take some photos from afar.

as i've said repeatedly, it's been quite some time since i required further proof of a rob/kristen relationship.

but, if anyone out there is still looking for proof... please see below.

it's too dark to truly see what's going on in the 2 shots below. but, i have faith in your intelligence, you can figure it out.

okay, i'm off to the city!

have a great sunday :-)



  1. aauuuughhhhh! nice job paps! i'm sure it'll be all over the internet by tomorrow! i bet perez will be on it asap.

  2. OMG!!! This is the best evidence yet! It's so on!

  3. Ohhh you must know I'm not happy about this! haha.

    And on my TURF! They need to GTFO of my city if they want to keep conoodling.

    AND AT THE KINGS OF LEON SHOW which I would have given my left arm to be at. Talk about rubbing salt into an already painful wound.

    This isn't cool. I want Eclipse to be done and over with.


    Like I tweeted..

    "RIP Robert Pattinson's single life. Congratulations you are officially less desirable in my eyes now Rob."

  4. OH and I love how he's wearing the same shirt that he wore to Sam's last show in Vancouver... when I was in the SAME building as him and didn't see him.

    I hate that shirt. I want it burned ASAP.