Saturday, August 29, 2009

first pic of kristen as bella on eclipse set, pa swan and pa cullen on set as well. and a rainy friday.

hola kids,

hope you're enjoying your friday.

if you're on the east coast of these united states... i'm sorry... your weekend plans, and mine, are going to be hampered by relentless rain.

anyway, let's go to vancouver where it appears it was not raining today...

here are some shots from the school set of 'eclipse today'

the first photo of kristen as bella for eclipse...

all i can say is... hopefully it looks better than this on camera.

but, really, i don't think there is too much cause for alarm.

a) we don't even know what was happening when this was taken. it could be a rehearsal, perhaps it wasn't entirely styled and ready...

b) typically products use multiple hair pieces... so, this might be one of the crappier ones... assuming that her hair is covered for all or most of the scene with a graduation cap...

anyway, pa cullen and pa swan were also around today...

here's billy burke on set

and pa cullen arriving in van earlier this week... and leaving set today...

photo of peter leaving set via

i've got to say that i never really knew much/gave a damn about pfach until recently... i've really enjoyed the first season of nurse jackie. he's hysterical on that show.

and, he seems like a very nice guy/sweet family dude.

this evening i saw 'taking woodstock'



I really want to give it more like 3.5 stars

the first hour of the movie was really entertaining... i loved all the pre-festival setup, town/family politics, anticipation of the big event. very fun.

the 2nd half of the movie got rather dull. things slowed down right around the time that the lead character headed to (and never really arrived at) the concert.

that said, there were a lot of fantastic performances... particularly from imelda staunton (who i adore) and henry goodman as "the parents."

funny that they found two "upper crust" brits to play two rural ny jews... but, both of them are fantastic.

on the home front... i accomplished nada today. i know that's not good to admit... but, it's true.

the gloom and rain just kind of zapped my energy out.

i ordered two cheap ass bags online and they arrived today... they look about as crappy as they should... considering how much i spent for them. i probably shouldn't have ordered them... b/c i don't like them all that much due to their cheapness. lol. oh well. i'll force myself to use them a bit.

okay, i think that's all from here -- i'm going to go work on a doll...

i customized this blythe a few months ago with the help of my friend leslie.. and, for some reason, we haven't bonded. so, i'm going to re-customize tonite and see what happens.

if i still don't bond with her... i fear she'll end up on the chopping block soon.

this is how she looks now... i'll post an "after" tomorrow maybe...

angela chase

okay, have an awesome saturday -- stay dry


ps. my saturday plans involve lunch with extended fam followed by hanging with leslie and ross at home in the rain. sadly, no doll pix due to impending monsoon.


  1. i saw that bella/wig pic earlier. hope it's not the real one or looks better on scene or something. it has too.

  2. Oh God. PFach on Nurse Jackie cracks. me. up.

    "We're getting a pixus!"