Thursday, August 20, 2009

whoah, so much for a slow thursday. rob has officially started filming AND there's an edward cullen dildo available for preorder...!

Wow, it's been a pretty eventful day -- I don't even know where to begin!

I'm going to start with a few random stories that I've been meaning to tell you... So, this is going to be a rather long blog post overall... sorry about that.

The first story is from earlier this week...

I've had last week's Entertainment Weekly lying around b/c I keep meaning to read more than just the 'New Moon' story... I like to go through and mark all the fall films I want to see... Yes, I'm that big of a geek.

Now, what you need to know first is that my dad doesn't speak.... ever. We rarely chat or exchange words... We don't particularly hate each other.... It's just always been that way and we're both okay with it.

He knows nothing about twilight, he is obviously not the demographic that they are trying to target... The only thing he knows is what he's seen out in the world (like movie poster) and the posters that I have tacked up in my office.

Also, like, if someone new came in and started playing my role in life, it'd probably take him a few days to notice... okay, that's enough background info...

So, Jack (that's my dad) sees the cover of EW and says "What happened, they fired the main guy and replaced him with this kid?!?!"

See, I KNEW ew made a mistake when they put taylor on the cover instead of Rob...

They think they're luring new fans in with the promise of a "different" storyline this time around... But, really, they're just confusing anyone who's not already a fan by changing the (very handsome) face of this film franchise.

Anyway, I schooled Jack in what was going on... And, that was probably the longest conversation we'll have in calendar year '09.

The other thing I wanted to mention was that I had breaking dawn type dream the other night... Well, not the kind of baby dream bella was having in BD... but, a dream in which i was pregnant with some sort of alien child.

this might have made some small amount of sense if i had the dream LAST night... since i saw district 9 which is all about aliens... but, it was the night BEFORE that i had the dream...

anyway, all i remember is being SO unhappy b/c i hate children... alien or not.

and, i remember telling anyone who would listen that i wasn't supposed to be pregnant b/c whoever the father was wasn't supposed to be able to reproduce.

and, then, the dream ended with a really graphic misscarriage... and, at the end of it, i was so happy not to be stuck with the mutant baby.

and, this, my friends, is why i will not be a mother. lol.

anyway, let's move on from my obviously damaged psyche...


First off, LaineyGossip has confirmed that Rob was indeed on set for 'Eclipse' for the first time last night. I'm far from her biggest fan... but, I'll take info where I can get it. She doesn't really say much more than that... apparently he was filming a scene with Ashley involving a vision. Hopefully an Eclipse script leaks soon! (If you care to read what she said, click here)

They were filming in an out of the way area -- here are a few shots of the set (though, the actual filming was done in the dark at night...)

Photos from @RobPattzNews

Today also saw the leak of a new Rob photoshoot.

Of course, you knew I was going to say this, but I think the photos look fanfuckingtastic.

Don't know if it's just me, but, I think he looks older in these shots... and, I like it -- A LOT... (Though, the other day, with those KOL photos, when he looked so giddy, I thought he looked really young again..! And, obviously, this shoot must have happened a ways before then!)

So far, only teeny tiny versions of the photos have leaked. But, I'm sure we'll see more shortly... And, this will tide us over till then!

Collage via twitter's @PattyKakes4Suz

Also a couple of new Kristen photos. The one on the left is another EW outtake and the one on the right is from Dazed... just in color this time around.

A pretty Ashley shot... though, don't ask me from where b/c I don't remember... lol.

Dakota Fanning Arriving in Vancouver today for 'Eclipse' -- I like the scarf. I like scarves in general!

I thought today's best new twi merchandise might be this creepy all black edward decal which is available on etsy for a mere $60...

it's not even that i think it's such a bad idea... i just think that the all black part is kinda funny! though, of course, it's supposed to look like he's watching you sleep in the shadows.

i'll give them points for creativity... but, this isn't the twi item of the day that i covet...

which brings us to..............

I've saved the best twi news of the day for last...

Now, there's been all kinds of insane Twilight merch... I mean, ALL kinds... We've had board games, candy, glittery body paint... and, now, my friends, i bring you... the edward cullen dildo.

you think i'm joking?

i shit you not... releasing in just a few short days --

and, to top it all off, a video!

it really does sparkle in the sunlight!

the dildo people have accomplished what catherine hardwicke could not! (summit should put them on the payroll!)

so, how bad is it that i'm pretty sure i'm going to order one of these momentarily... ? i want to keep it on a shelf with all my other priceless twilight collectibles.

c'mon, be honest, you secretly want one too....

order here

oh, and one addition to the movielog:



It is VERY rare that I like something sci-fi... Normally, you can't pay me enough to sit through a film involving aliens...

But, I got this ridiculously cheap Entertainment Weekly subscription recently and their cover story on District 9 peaked my interest... And, then I heard good things about it from friends.

Anyway, I loved it. Incredibly crazy ass shit.

If you've been living under a rock the past week, the movie is set in an alternate version of South Africa, were aliens landed some time in the 1980s. The aliens have been put in "concentration camps" of sorts. The film focuses on roughly 72 hours in the life of the bumbling director of an "alien resettlement project." And, it's not at all what you'd expect.

Loved the main guy in the movie... (Maybe I should learn his name since I liked him so much... !)

Also, there's a baby alien that is so cute he deserves to be made into a happy meal toy... that is, if they make happy meal toys for R-rated movies.

Okay guys, we're just 90 minutes away from Friday... yay!

And, with that, I'm going back to reading Wiley catalogs.



  1. OMG this blog is freaking awesome. From the story of your non verbal pops to the breaking dawn dream, to the drool worthy pics (Robs, Kris' and Ash's) to the thought of a sparkly peen sitting amongst your Twi memorabilia. Also the video?? OMG I had NOT seen that. Thank you keep up the blogging! I love!

  2. I love little moments when parents catch onto something you like and kind of are part of it. Back in the Clay Aiken days my dad would call me if Clay was on TV. It was cute.

    Considering I get freaked out enough in the dark on my own, an Edward Cullen silhouette would only make it worse. There would come a time when I'd forget about it and scare myself to death.

    The Sparkle!Peen dildo kills me. I feel it should be labelled as the Twildo. I feel like for a true level of appropriateness it should come with "Forbidden Fruit" lube.

  3. Your dream sounds very X-files-ish ;-D

    And i must say i love the silhouet! That would be something for me.

    And yes.... i have been thinking about ordering.. Who can refuse sparkles? >.>
    (i probably wont though, but thinking about it was quite fun)


  4. Oh god, that is going WAY too far! Taking Twi merch to the next level...

    Love the decal, though :)

  5. Bwhahahahaha! That dildo is EPIC!