Monday, October 5, 2009

so, guess what, i think i'm done w/ this...

hola all,

so, i think i'm done w/ the blog.

it was a nice idea but not entirely feasible for me... i do like having a place to bitch and moan... but, it takes up too much time.

honestly, with the exception of the first few days, updating felt like a chore.

and, i set out to replace the fun we all had over on twitter commenting on the twi pix... and, this honestly isn't the right venue for a replacement.

commenting on here is sluggish, you have to have an account, you have to type stupid verification stuff... it's not easy for people.

and, as a result, very few of my flickr peeps followed me over and actually commented. but, i get it, i'd be the same way.

anyway, the fact that i've not been home for ages has helped me to realize that i seriously don't have the time for it.

that said, if you are a twilight fan, i'd be happy to recommend a way for you to keep up -- it's a great little place called twitter.

honestly, do not be afraid of twitter -- it's your friend.

i am not a fan of facebook.

i am not a fan of myspace.

twitter is nothing like that. you can totally just sign up, never say anything, but use it to "follow" various news outlets.

there are MANY reliable twilight news outlets on twitter.

so, if you're interested, just contact me (if you are reading this, you know where to find me... ) and i'll happily recommend some people for you to "follow" on twitter.

follow 1, 2, or 3 of them, check your twitter every day for new posts, and you'll be all caught up on twi news.

so, that's all folks.

who knows, i'll keep this here in case i ever feel like it again.. but, i doubt it.



Thursday, September 24, 2009

more great shots of kristen and rob on eclipse set wednesday!

thanks to for the first two!

is she knitting?

again, thanks to

okay, i have to leave the house in like 5 hours to catch my flight and i have a million and one things to do... so, no time for commentary from me!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yay Wednesday -- Good Eclipse Pic Day!

Today in Vancouver the Eclipse cast was filming "police dept" scenes that involved Charlie, Bella and Edward.

And, thankfully, fans and press were able to get close enough for photos. So, without further ado --

Rob and Kristen filming in the Volvo (for those who don't follow the Twi mess as closely as I do, YES, they changed the Volvo. It's not silver anymore. It's Black. Apparently there was a problem finding a silver one in the model they wanted. It makes no sense... but, whatever, I'm over it. as long as rob is behind the wheel of the car, it can be any car at all.)

click in to these for a much better view!

Thanks to for the amazing photos!!!

and billy/charlie in uniform...

and from malicious mandy, an exterior of the police station

and from people magazine, these are pix from new moon that will be in the "new moon movie companion" book...

the first one here is from some kind of dream sequence...

and a pic of kristen and taylor on set with gil (billy black) last week...

jackson, nikki and elizabeth on set this week:

ashley's new cover -- 'saturday night' magazine. don't like the hair personally...

do you care what's up with me personally?

probably not... but, i'm gonna tell you anyway!

tonight i saw 'kristina' in concert. it's a swedish musical written by benny and bjorn (from ABBA) who also created 'mamma mia' and one of my favorite musicals, 'chess'

since i love chess SO much, i had high hopes for this one.

i've actually owned the swedish cd for years... but, dont' really listen to it... b/c, hell, it's in fucking swedish.

so, they had the original leads from the swedish production come to NY for the concert

they were both very talented but swedish is an accent that doesn't go away when you sing... unlike british which pretty much goes away completely when you sing...

it was hard to understand both of them and i think it really really impacted the enjoyment of an american audience

i certainly felt this way throughout the evening and as soon as the show ended, i heard multiple people saying the same thing on the way out.

the score was... ok. there were a couple of songs that were exceptional... and, they were in the 2nd act.

my big discovery of the evening was an american named kevin odekirk who had a supporting role. his two songs of the night brought the house down... he got more applause than the leads overall.

his bio in the program says he has a cd coming out soon... and, he has a website -- going to check it out right now myself!

on the doll front, i have a prima dolly london coming to me... YAY. she's going to be customized by my awesome pal lynne... since her makeup is so damn boring! love the pink flip tho!

and my evil blythe clone has arrived. this is a HORRIBLE pic of her. i promise she's much cuter. she's coming to vancouver with me so there will be new/better pix next week!

who else is going to vancouver???

rashida, another new custom from lynne! she is positively amazing. i swear that her eyelids are just... unmatched for awesomeness. my fave blythe lids EVER.

total and complete love!

so, that's it from me....

i am leaving for vancouver in about 22 hours. i have a ton to pack.

if you don't already know this, yes, i'm going to vancouver on another twilight themed trip.

yes, that's insane.

yes, security is so intense that i probably won't see a damn thing.

but, that's okay... i have a few friends in the area that i'm anxious to meet... and, if all else fails, there are nutella and strawberry crepes just waiting for me to enjoy them.

i'll try to stay in touch while i'm gone... you know i can't leave home w/o a laptop!