Friday, July 31, 2009

it is NOT okay to be this crazy...!

you might not know this but there's a twilight convention going on in texas right now.

and, apparently, it's bringing all the crazies out.

this woman has attended the conference dressed as "breaking dawn honeymoon bella" -- complete with bruises.

image gotten from kstew411 on twitter -- thanks!

the cover of the new EW -- seriously, is there any contest here?

i'm sorry... but, how can you possibly put these two in the same league?

the old dude does nothing for me! (and, i'm on the border of being old myself...)

christ, now i feel compelled to see if i'm closer in age to the old dude or rob... and, i fear that i'm not going to like the answer...

oh, i just checked, i'm actually closer in age to rob... it's by only a few months. but, hell, i'll take it.


personal effects


was not a fan of this at all... no wonder it never made it to theaters!

michelle and ashton are two people who lost family members to violent deaths... they find solice in each other... and bore the hell out of the audience.

and, the ending is pretty moronic too.

not to mention that this movie reminded me that ashton really can't act!

as you can see, i've already made some changes!

i've been told that not everyone enjoys reading things on a black background... i can understand that.

how is this? is the new color scheme disgusting? you know i have a thing for pink and green...

anyway, progress is slowly being made. i've now saved 4500 of my 14000 flickr photos. hopefully by tomorrow night they will be safely backed up on a mac compatible external hard drive... (ross is going to help me... he's my tech guru!)

in the meantime, still waiting to hear back from flickr on my fate.

still hopeful that i can get my current flickr account searchable again once i delete the twilight photos... which i will do once my backup is complete.

what else is new?

well, this morning started out with the same craptastic zest as the rest of the week...

i woke up early, after getting about 3 hours of sleep, to head to a bookstore appointment. when i arrived, i was promptly told that they had no idea i was coming (despite confirming the appointment time with me TWICE!)

anyway, they already had another rep there... who had gotten there before me... so, i had to leave.


now i get to go back there next week.

next week isn't shaping up to be much better. i have about 8-ga-trillion doctors appointments as well as some bookstore visits.

what's on the agenda for tonight?

going into the city for dinner with friends and seeing 'adam' starring hugh dancy which is now in limited theatrical release.

hopefully i'll get there and back in once piece... seeing as i'm freaking exhausted.




Thursday, July 30, 2009


hi there!

first of all, thanks for visiting.

second of all, we're starting with a photo... b/c this long "welcome speech" looked very boring without a photo.

we'll just go w/ one of my all time favorite images.

this blog is still VERY MUCH in the early stages of development.

in fact, it's existed for about an hour at this point.

i have no idea what i'm doing but i need some sort of a creative outlet... as well as a place for kindred spirits to congregate... so, here you go.

as i've explained to many of you, flickr isn't loving the fact that i have 4000 borrowed twilight photos over there... so, we're trying something new.

right this moment, pending flickr's cooperation, it's my plan to keep the doll stuff on flickr but remove, or move, the rest. that's going to take a while... but i hope to work on it over the coming week.

i promise that this blog will NOT just be for things relating to twilight. i'd love to use it for all sorts of random announcements and entertainment.

and, i'll definitely be starting my movielog over here. in fact, i've already made the first movielog entry.

beyond that, while using flickr so much over the past couple of years, i often wished that it were easier to just write "essays" on various topics... like "what cereals is melissa addicted to this week" "how many car accidents did melissa almost get in today" or "how much unexpected debt has melissa generated this month" ...

just random shit like that. (and, if you know me, you know that i can indeed make my daily exploits somewhat entertaining!)

so, effective immediately, updates on the light of twi will start here... that'll be done as often as possible and i'll try to make my "coverage" just as comprehensive as it was back when i was doing it on flickr. at this point, i am not entirely sure what i am going to do about moving the existing 4000 twilight photos stored on flickr over here to blogger. (though, if you have opinions on that... let me know). i am already in the process of having those 4000 photos saved for myself... so, we'll see. they won't be lost for good.

and, as i dream them up, i will also post all sorts of other ramblings.

again, i'd be happy to take suggestions of any kind... so, feel free to make them.

i'd love for this to be a place where people can get together and talk about everything and nothing all at once!


kristen on the set of runaways 7.30

more kristen on the set of runaways

movielog 2009 - mockingbird don't sing


this was an exceptionally depressing true story about a little girl, horribly abused since childhood, and kept completely away from the outside world...

the movie focuses on a grad student who tries her best to help the girl...only to have it backfire on her and be kept from the child by her crazy mother and an unsupportive foster care/court system.

i actually rented this b/c one of my all time favorite theater actresses, melissa errico, plays the grad student.

melissa hasn't worked extensively in tv/film... but she's well known in the theater world..

you can visit her site here

ashley at a photo shoot in LA 7.29

don't know what this is for but i do enjoy the clothes and her new hair extensions!

kristen on the set of runaways 7.29

Kristen on the set of Runaways with Joan Jett in LA yesterday.

I'm liking the crazy 80s cheek makeup.

I'm hearing both Kristen and Rob are done with their respective movies some time in the next few days...

Which should leave them with a few days of R&R in LA before heading to Vancouver to start production on Eclipse.