Thursday, July 30, 2009

movielog 2009 - mockingbird don't sing


this was an exceptionally depressing true story about a little girl, horribly abused since childhood, and kept completely away from the outside world...

the movie focuses on a grad student who tries her best to help the girl...only to have it backfire on her and be kept from the child by her crazy mother and an unsupportive foster care/court system.

i actually rented this b/c one of my all time favorite theater actresses, melissa errico, plays the grad student.

melissa hasn't worked extensively in tv/film... but she's well known in the theater world..

you can visit her site here


  1. "the life and times of a 31 year old new york with a lot of peculiar hobbies..."
    ...with too much time on her hands. - says ross.

    hahaha! well i love it and he wants the link also, so i'm gonna send it to him later.

  2. i already have a question... i can't get your comment to display on the main page? i have to click in no matter what to see it?

  3. yup i think so. you have to click on the entry or the comment link. kinda blows, i know...

  4. i can't see your blog. does that mean you have to approve me to see it?

  5. yup. i have to send you an invite. do you want one?

    oh and i hate that you have to type in the word verification thing in order to post a comment. i must be dyslexic because i can never get it right the first try!

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