Thursday, July 30, 2009


hi there!

first of all, thanks for visiting.

second of all, we're starting with a photo... b/c this long "welcome speech" looked very boring without a photo.

we'll just go w/ one of my all time favorite images.

this blog is still VERY MUCH in the early stages of development.

in fact, it's existed for about an hour at this point.

i have no idea what i'm doing but i need some sort of a creative outlet... as well as a place for kindred spirits to congregate... so, here you go.

as i've explained to many of you, flickr isn't loving the fact that i have 4000 borrowed twilight photos over there... so, we're trying something new.

right this moment, pending flickr's cooperation, it's my plan to keep the doll stuff on flickr but remove, or move, the rest. that's going to take a while... but i hope to work on it over the coming week.

i promise that this blog will NOT just be for things relating to twilight. i'd love to use it for all sorts of random announcements and entertainment.

and, i'll definitely be starting my movielog over here. in fact, i've already made the first movielog entry.

beyond that, while using flickr so much over the past couple of years, i often wished that it were easier to just write "essays" on various topics... like "what cereals is melissa addicted to this week" "how many car accidents did melissa almost get in today" or "how much unexpected debt has melissa generated this month" ...

just random shit like that. (and, if you know me, you know that i can indeed make my daily exploits somewhat entertaining!)

so, effective immediately, updates on the light of twi will start here... that'll be done as often as possible and i'll try to make my "coverage" just as comprehensive as it was back when i was doing it on flickr. at this point, i am not entirely sure what i am going to do about moving the existing 4000 twilight photos stored on flickr over here to blogger. (though, if you have opinions on that... let me know). i am already in the process of having those 4000 photos saved for myself... so, we'll see. they won't be lost for good.

and, as i dream them up, i will also post all sorts of other ramblings.

again, i'd be happy to take suggestions of any kind... so, feel free to make them.

i'd love for this to be a place where people can get together and talk about everything and nothing all at once!



  1. Hi, Melissa!

    I am trying this out to see if I have to join something or not! haha...I don't like joining more things on the internet! For whatever reason.

    Best of luck with the blog! I will visit!

    oh...seems that I can sign in using my google account...okay then!

  2. yeah, too bad flickr doesn't have that ramble on capability, though I sometimes do just ramble on there! .... I had a blog here once, that I just tried to revive, but I guess it's gone! I barely have time make one liner comments on flickr let alone blog... so hope you do a better job than me.

    Congrats and good luck in blogging and movie reviewing ! Googoojue/Judy

  3. Hi Melissa, This is great My blog is for my 1:12 scale miniatures. I have another I don't use much for my blythe dolls. I'm itsaminiaturelifedolls on flickr, So great to see you here. Mini hugs! Kim

  4. Good luck Melissa for your new blog :)
    I'll keep an eye on it :D

  5. good to see your blog, in a way i think this is great for you as here you can ramble, and i like reading your stuff. i have bookmarked your blog and will be reading!
    ~annina (anninaislove from flickr)

  6. Hey Melissa!!

    tracyxlee here.

    I'm bummed about Flickr not being happy about your 'borrowed' pictures. Actually I'm pretty sad about it, I'm gonna go save all the ones I've favourited over the last 9 months or so. But I'll follow along here and I'll post a link to your blog on my blog so more people will discover you!

  7. hi cybermelli!
    you are a bad influence for my severe RP obsession on flickr, so i'll visit you here too now that you have moved ;)
    best of lucks with the blog!!!

  8. thanks so much everyone -- i really appreciate your following me over here!