Friday, July 31, 2009

it is NOT okay to be this crazy...!

you might not know this but there's a twilight convention going on in texas right now.

and, apparently, it's bringing all the crazies out.

this woman has attended the conference dressed as "breaking dawn honeymoon bella" -- complete with bruises.

image gotten from kstew411 on twitter -- thanks!


  1. OMG/WTF doesn't even begin to cover it :P

  2. Shut up! That's the most rediculous thing I've ever seen! Wow...yeah.. just wow.

  3. yep.... pretty damn scary! lol. i'll grand you, it's FUNNY... but who walks around like this... !?!??! even at a twilight convention i'd be mortified!

  4. omg *_* this is starting to be scary! xDD

    cybermelli, did you hear about the new actress playing Victoria?!

  5. i did hear about that maripak... i'm really sad that rachelle won't be back. i loved her.

    it's too bad that her reps and summit couldn't come to some sort of agreement for the sake of the fans... we've given these people enough money... they should be trying to make us happy!

  6. I agree with your above comment.
    Great, it's my first time here and I can't come up with my own words.

    The above attire is individuality gone arye.