Friday, July 31, 2009

as you can see, i've already made some changes!

i've been told that not everyone enjoys reading things on a black background... i can understand that.

how is this? is the new color scheme disgusting? you know i have a thing for pink and green...

anyway, progress is slowly being made. i've now saved 4500 of my 14000 flickr photos. hopefully by tomorrow night they will be safely backed up on a mac compatible external hard drive... (ross is going to help me... he's my tech guru!)

in the meantime, still waiting to hear back from flickr on my fate.

still hopeful that i can get my current flickr account searchable again once i delete the twilight photos... which i will do once my backup is complete.

what else is new?

well, this morning started out with the same craptastic zest as the rest of the week...

i woke up early, after getting about 3 hours of sleep, to head to a bookstore appointment. when i arrived, i was promptly told that they had no idea i was coming (despite confirming the appointment time with me TWICE!)

anyway, they already had another rep there... who had gotten there before me... so, i had to leave.


now i get to go back there next week.

next week isn't shaping up to be much better. i have about 8-ga-trillion doctors appointments as well as some bookstore visits.

what's on the agenda for tonight?

going into the city for dinner with friends and seeing 'adam' starring hugh dancy which is now in limited theatrical release.

hopefully i'll get there and back in once piece... seeing as i'm freaking exhausted.





  1. green is what? ... green is good! ;-)

  2. white background would be best! but did you do anything else? i'm having a hard time clicking back and forth on your site now!

  3. no... i didn't do anything different leslie........! maybe there was a momentary problem? it's working okay for me... i added some gadgets on the side... but they seem to be ok too!

  4. yeah it seems to be working better now!