Saturday, August 1, 2009

1 evening, 2 movies starring Rose Byrne...

i barely even know who rose byrne is... though, she looks familiar... i bet, if i looked her up, i'd find that i've seen her in something...

i know she's on that tv show 'damages'... but, i don't really do tv. so, haven't seen her in that.

anyway, met up with my friend rachel (f, not a, i have 2 rachels!) for dinner and then we went to see 'adam'



adam was my choice as i am deeply enamored of hugh dancy and have been for a very long while!

for some reason i just knew this was going to be really good and i was not dissappointed!

both performances were amazing... really well written... and, i love anything that was filmed in nyc.

actually, now that i've gotten so crazy, i'm a little sad that i didn't go watch this be filmed! lol.

though, i have seen hugh dancy in person... i've never talked to him or anything... !

anyways, so, yeah, definitely try to see this if you can. it's in pretty limited release now... 2 theaters in nyc and maybe 1 or 2 in LA...

but, it's worth seeking out.



knowing, on the other hand, was crap.

i hate nicholas cage so i'm really not entirely sure why i bothered to watch this at all... !

i think it's b/c i saw the preview about 15 thousand times before twilight this past fall. the premise with the numbers and the predictions sounded somewhat promising... but, believe me, it's not.

bad acting, bad writing, bad sign language, badly computerized alien beings, this movie has it all... and not in a good way!

plus, they show times square blow up. i don't like any movies in which i watch my city implode. it seems too potentailly realistic.

so, that's it for now.

it's already 4 am on... well, saturday morning and i've not really slept in about 48 hours. i'm surprised i haven't totally collapsed yet. don't know where this energy is coming from.

saturday's goals:

- finish downloading all files from flickr
- buy an external hard drive
- transfer said files to external hard drive
- take doll photos with leslie and ross

hopefully the weather doesn't suck... i haven't had any time to check into that...

oh, on another note, remember me was apparently still filming in nyc very late tonight (friday) night.

i hadn't heard about that in advance... but, that's a good thing. i really am ready for a break from the rp stalking for a bit! and, it poured for a long time tonite... not to mention that there was no fan meet and greet... despite the late hour and small group ...

though, the fact that they were still here till late tonite makes me think that they aren't done and will be lurking about next week as well...


  1. i'm about to hit the sack myself, see you in a few hours! i don't think it'll rain tomorrow, so we should be able to get some photos in. i'm bringing your boots, and about 9 or 10 dolls!

  2. thanks for the "Adam" tip! sounds really nice and the trailer looks promising... have to wait a few months till it reached the theatres over here, but am I not experienced in waiting? I am ;-)

  3. I hated "knowing" It was a complete waste of time. Totally agree with you. I hope you make you Saturday goals :)

  4. i really want to see adam but of course it will come no where near here :P and i agree, knowing was crap. decent trailer, shit movie.

  5. aw, i'm sure it'll be on dvd soon enough...don't feel bad, it aint ever coming to long island either... !