Wednesday, August 12, 2009

slow tuesday...

hi all,

it's been a slow, yet long, day for me... and a similarly slow day on the light of twi...

i'm still in boston.. spent the day sitting through meetings. the meetings weren't even bad... it's just that i'm so OUT OF PRACTICE at being in an office setting...

at my meetings with bookstores, i do all the talking and i'm the one who controls the pace and what we're talking about...

i have a problem being at the mercy of others.

but, overall, it wasn't that bad... and, i have nothing to complain about, tomorrow is our last day...!

so, today was the "big day" that an additional 14 seconds of 'new moon' were to be revealed.

these 14 seconds come from the upcoming new "new moon" trailer that will show in theaters in front of the craptastic movie 'bandslam' starting this friday

so, here's a you tube link

kind of a let down... right?

i GET that summit feels they need to promote jacob b/c there's not a whole lot of edward in this movie...

they seem hell bent on putting taycob front and center.

i don't know if i think that's the right approach...

we all KNOW the storyline... we still only care about the edward parts... i'd rather 1 second of edward than 14 seconds of jacob

but, that's just me being a 12 year old fan girl.

anyyyyyyyyyyway... not much else.

i did save a few more TCA photos -- including these where the "very staight" (yeah fucking right) hugh jackman makes goo goo eyes at rob... hugh SO wants a piece. i am convinced he has gotten rob involved in 'unbound captives' in order to get him drunk and take advantage of him...

one more pic of rob from yesterday... in the rain...

a new shot of the twilight barbies... something i read today said they would be available online thru barbie and in stores at walmart. wonder if that means only in walmart stores... as some kind of exclusive? never mind, i'm sure they will make PLENTY of them for all...

my fab friend tomoko, who lives over in tokyo sent me some twi related stuff today as well.

here's the new moon poster they have over there

and i believe this is the cover for their movie tie in book of new moon

oh, and this is life and style this week... um, when were they off?

okay, that's all today kids.

have a good wednesday!



  1. those hugh pics are funny. and i kinda want those barbies :P

  2. omg
    i would always choose rob first
    but you CAN'T say these things about hugh!!!!!
    he is a VERY CLOSE second.. since jude law went all pervoid

  3. Thus far, the 'Twilight' dolls haven't impressed me much. 'Bella', for one, looks way off with that Mackie face mold. The only thing I'm pleased about is the seemingly good quality in their clothing
    (especially 'Edwards' gray pea coat!).

    Anyhow, these dolls are most likely 'Pink Label Collector Editions', which, like you've stated, there will be enough for everyone. The 'BFC' (Barbie Fan Club) posted promo shots of the two, and apparently they will be sold separately for about $25 each; though I disticntively recall reading that there would be a gift set of the two together a while back.

    I don't think they will limit the sales of these dolls to just Wal-Mart, though. They're most likely the chain that will purchase the most units of these dolls. Still, Wal-Mart is so stingy when it comes to their collector dolls. They only display about five dolls per week, and don't re-stock till a week after! To top it off, the workers are extremely rude. I'd much rather prefer to get them at a Toys R' Us or the Mattel Toy Store (though prices would be significantly higher there).

  4. The vid has been removed by youtube. drats!