Wednesday, August 5, 2009

lots of stuff going on today...

well, my tuesday was a failure -- i can't say that i accomplished very much!

i never actually went to the pool... i did drive by on my way home from the doctors. so many freaking kids. i think it would have been more annoying than relaxing. oh well. i came home and napped instead. i defy you to match my laziness.

tonight, i wasted more of my life by attempting to organize the backup drive... super exciting... right? i gave up after several hours. it's going to take a long ass time... but, i'll get there.

other interesting news of the day... after something like 40 years of production in NYC, all my children is moving to the west coast starting in january.

now, i haven't been a viewer since the mid-90s... so, this doesn't actually affect me much at all... but, lots of my friends, and their friends, are affected. will certainly be interesting to see how that pans out... i can't see a lot of the old-timers, like susan lucci, excited about a move out to LA.

then again, maybe that was the plan... get rid of a whole bunch of the older cast members who make big bucks? who knows.

anyway, many developments on the light of twi today.

first off, rob has arrived back in LA .. where he will stay for a few days before going to vancouver next week.

i am entirely okay with his departure from ny. it was fun while it lasted... but, exhausting!

here are some arrival pix from LAX this evening

now, i love the boy dearly but he really needs a permanent home which contains a washer and a dryer.

i'm okay with him being a little bit dirty... but the pants look filthy. and, the odd blue splotch in the crotch area has sparked no small amount of debate. what do you think it looks like ?

also... is this really all the stuff he had in NY with him for 2 months? i couldn't get buy with this much stuff for 1 week let alone 7... !

kstew was also spotted out and about in LA today... she was on her way to a medical clearance prior to 'eclipse'... apparently she was also fitted for her new bella wig today...

i'm surprised she hasn't done something about her hair already... obviously it's got to grow back on its own and obviously she'll be wigged for eclipse... but, if i were her, i'd still dye it back to a normal color... who knows, maybe she's as lazy as i am and needed a nap... she's certainly done more to earn it than i have!

also today -- tons of images from the upcoming new moon calendars have emerged.

these are from the "regular" version of the calendar

there is also apparently a vertical version of the 2010 calendar (this is all in addition to the already released 'twilight' 2010 calendar... summit sure knows how to make a buck!)

these are the images from the vertical calendar... some nice new ones in here...

and, what would the day be if i didn't watch a few bad movies... and, today, they really were BAD...



follows the survivors of a restaurant shooting... just pointless. and, in the end, the entire thing is about pee. seriously.



hopefully her role in the hit 'the hangover' will help heather graham land some better scripts... i've always liked her but the poor thing has made one direct-to-video piece of crap after another in recent years...

only a couple of months ago i saw her in some straight to dvd movie about a british woman who wants a baby...

well, this time she plays an american woman who doesn't really want a baby.

anyway, the movie was just moronic. really lame sort of comedy... john corbett and jerry o'connel don't do much for me...

katie finneran, who is a talented bway veteran, has a lead role in this crap too...

and, someone please tell me wtf has happened to lara flynn boyle's lips... TERRIFYING. she must have had the fat sucked out of the rest of her body and shot into her lips. NOT a good look.

okay, i think that's it for today.

tomorrow -- an appointment in white plains. i shoudl probably get a few hours of sleep.



ps. since i just spent a great deal of space on nonsense, i should probably dedicate at least a line or two to the day's real news... kudos to the amazing president clinton for securing the release of the two journalists from north korea. the world needs a happy ending like this every now and again!


  1. I hadn't seen the New Moon vertical calendar pics before! So exciting. Kristen looks really pretty, much prettier than in Twilight.

    EEK! They are almost all here! I'm gonna die. Each time I leave my apartment I'm going to have butterflies thinking I might run into one of them. *sigh* gotta keep my eyes wide open!

  2. hah tracy... ! definitely keep your eyes peeled. you and i should get together for a drink when i come up... it'll be the last week in september.

    i'm fairly certain the sparkly one arrives on monday.

  3. So you just made my day 10X's better...thank you! I love the new pictures..they are so pretty and the expressions are killer.. Jackson's hair is a little outta control, but other than that distracting moment, this put a great end to a rather rediculous day!

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  5. "the sparkly one" hahaha. Love it.

  6. there's a contingent that gets really angry when you call rob "the sparkly" one... you know, he's a human being not a character and all that... but, he's still sparkly in my eyes!