Thursday, August 27, 2009

the reappearance of rob, and many personal accomplishments for me!

so, it's friday! yipee.

today was definitely an improvement.

my stomach is marginally better.

i succeeded in paying my speeding ticket by phone... even though i was on hold with some fucking boston telephone # for 45 minutes before a human being picked up...

last night i had a huge war with ebay over completely unwarranted negative feedback that was left for me... when it became clear that the poor woman in india that i was speaking with would NOT be able to help me, i got huffy and hung up. i woke this morning to find that they had, despite what the woman on the phone said, taken the negative feedback away. so, that made me smile.

my gray high sneakers that i displayed here the other day arrived, and they fit perfectly! :-)

i've made tons of progress on my trip planning for fall. movies for TIFF all picked out... arrangements for vancouver all made.

and, today, we had the reappearance of rob for the first time in nearly two weeks... so, that was enjoyable.

without further ado, let's get to twilight updates.

from the set of eclipse in vancouver today --

looking delicious as usual....

ashley, jackson and anna kendrick on set today

and a jump from eclipse back to new moon with promo pix of the volturi!

way hotter than anything above is the cover of the french edition of premiere magazine for sept 2009 -- amazing rob cover

i'm so grateful to have dolly friends all over the globe. one of my amazing flickr contacts is going to pick up a copy of this issue for me! :-)

today marked a shining moment in my online farming career... i finally decided to organize my farm, erect buildings, etc.

here's what it looks like as of now:

a couple of movielog entries:



bleh, didn't care for this at all.

campbell scott (who is excellent) plays the really shitty uncle of jesse eisenberg. when his nephew comes to visit him in nyc for the weekend, the uncle decides to show him how awful the world is and how the only thing that matters in life is getting laid. i'm sure everyone involved in this thought that there was some deep intellectual or moral purpose to this movie... but, i promise you, there's not.

elizabeth berkley plays one of the "mauture" women campbell tries to hook jesse up with. that was amusing for about 22 seconds.



I probably should have given this 2 stars... b/c i really didn't like it. but, at some point, i also stopped paying attention... and, the plot was sort of complicated... so, that didn't help. it's one of those caper type movies where everyone is double-crossing everyone else. that's not something i'm particularly in to.

i'm celebrating the start of the weekend by watching one of my favorite films... the history boys.

granted, the film is not as good as the stage play... but, the stage play was transcendentally amazing. so, it's impossible for anything to measure up to that.

the film is wonderful. the impossibly gorgeous language is perserved... ( i love the writing so much that i listen to the show on cd in the car sometimes... )

the 10 minutes where posner and hector discuss the hardy poem... well, the fact that a scene like that made it on to film is remarkable in and of itself.

i don't know... maybe it's not for everyone but it speaks to me.

so, if you haven't seen it, i highly recommend it.

sorry for gushing. i'm watching now and i get a little over enthusiastic.

what's on the agenda for this weekend... ?

i'd like to see 'taking woodstock'

i was going to try to do some doll photos on saturday.. but, it appears we might be having a hurricane... so, that could be postponed..........

and, my dolly auctions will end. i'm somewhat sad to be parting with 4 girls... but, at the same time, i'm really looking forward to my fall shopping spree next weekend!

have a great one!



  1. thanks for your recommendation of the history boys! i love those british stuff ... just ordered it :-) ... oops, the teacher is harry's uncle indeed ;-)

    have a nice weekend

  2. I loved Duplicity. That is totally my kind of movie. :P

  3. ahhh i want to do fall shopping too! gonna clean out my closet this weekend.

    is it safe to say we won't be doing dolly pictures tomorrow? i think the hurricane won't be as strong, it's being downgraded, but it's still going to be totally rainy tomorrow and sunday!

  4. I'm still mad at Rob, but I'm glad he came out of hiding.

    Yes.. I did say that, I am mad at him. You know why... hahaha.

  5. The Volturi promo pics look kind of ridiculous. lol! Think Dakota looks awesome as Jane though. And why can't I even remember Alex when I just read Eclipse?

  6. yep cat -- that's richard griffiths who plays harry's uncle in potter... he was also in equus with daniel radcliffe in london and ny. he's really a phenomenal actor... SO good in history boys!

    gotta say, i can barely remember the volturi myself. i definitely need to reread the entire series before new moon comes out... i've read them so much and i still can't remember a thing...guess i have absolutely zero power of retention!