Sunday, August 23, 2009

cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning.

So, this weekend has not been particularly eventful for me.

Though, I guess I've accomplished a couple of things...

I've been cleaning non-stop. Mostly b/c things had gotten totally unlivable! lol.

Since I'm an infant, when I clean and things look somewhat decent, I like to photograph and share. haha.

if you click in, you can see bigger versions of the pix...

So, bedroom --

before cleaning:

after cleaning:

the office... these are all after cleaning... lol. it was actually dangerous before cleaning.

and one entry for the movielog:



This was incredibly sweet (if somewhat unrealistic)

The story of a Russian boy, who's lived in a dingy orphanage his entire life, who's lucked in to being adopted by an Italian couple

However, he's reluctant to leave... b/c, once he changes his name, and leaves the country, he'll have no chance to reunite with his "real parents"

So, he runs away and sets off on a quest to find them.

The little boy in the movie is SO sweet and such a good actor.

Really enjoyed it

Okay, have a great Sunday -- I'm getting together with an old friend that I haven't seen since 1996. Scary! Also seeing Inglorious Basterds tomorrow night... which i'm looking forward to!


ps. say a prayer for my stomach, it's still bugging me. i love that i tell people to pray... when, i myself do not. lol.


  1. I love seeing other people's Twilight stuff. It makes me feel less lame about my own Twilight collection. Heh.

    (I saw Movin' Out in Dallas a few years ago. I didn't know it was going to be a ballet. But I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I love Billy Joel.)

  2. omg... you saw my show in dallas! i have seen movin out more than i've seen any other show in my theater obsessing career. i've seen it 160 times.

    do you still have a playbill... i want to know who you saw...