Wednesday, August 12, 2009

this week's us weekly robsten gossip

new robsten article from upcoming 'us weekly'

thanks to my fab friend christina who typed it up!

Headline: "Rob and Kristen: Its True!"

Gonna type up as much as possible...

R&K had a "private fete" planned ditching cast mates after TCA getting in a waiting SUV. Destination? Rob's $2200 a night suite at Chateau MarmontMultiple sources confirm on screen couple are now officially offscreen item as we'll. After summer apart they made up for lost time.

Aug 6-9 they "palled around at rock clubs, shared flirty meals, and says a source spent at least 3 of those 4 nights together at his hotel."

"They've decided to be more public about going out now," explains insider. "They're not boyfriend-girlfriend exactly, but they've def hooked up." Adds another.

Pattinson has secretly been courting his costar. "I think Rob is in love with her..." A source said in May. "Its the way he looks at her, and you can see she's his dream woman." K reportedly saw him as just a friend.

Mentions Emilie and Oregano...calling E a "brief fling" and Oregano "two year relationship seemingly foundered while she focused on The Runaways"

Best part..."I think part of why R&K hooked up is precisely bc they thought an onset fling was a kind of forbidden fruit situation...its so taboo, they did it partially to piss people off....she was like, Screw It! She doesn't care if people think they're dating."

Musician Tiff Jimber saw the couple at Hotel Cafe Aug 7 (she was there for her own gig) says, "They are definitely a couple. They were standing close, whispering and giggling. They were not acting like two friends hanging out."When Marcus left them alone at lunch on 8/8 K "indulged in more playful flirtation - throwing a napkin in R's face then dissolving into laughter."Asked point blank at TCA if they were dating R laughed and simply shrugged. "Perhaps not even they know." Says Us. "You have to remember K is only 19!" Points out a pal, "she's all over the place and has no idea what she wants. When its convenient for them, they spend time together, but they don't stress over it."

Us then talks about separate flights to Van to film "They'll prob hook up again while filming" says a source.Article ends with Billy Burke quote."If they want to date each other, fine! Look when you're that age, you're gonna to make mistakes. You're going to date people you probably shouldn't date. Its all part of the growing process" Sidebox of timeline of days together in LA last week. All stuff we know already.

Article ends. Christina's thumbs fall off.


  1. I think you need to clarify that not only did I type all that up, but I did so via Blackberry and while standing in Duane Reade b/c I refused to buy the magazine since I have a subscription. LOL

  2. lofl... yes, all of the above is true!

    i would have done a better job with the description but i uploaded it on a 3 min break from a meeting!