Tuesday, August 4, 2009

and the vancouver arrivals have begun...

so, supporting cast for 'eclipse' arrives in vancouver for pre-production this week...

the big 3 (kristen, rob, taylor) don't arrive till next week -- after they attend the 'teen choice awards' in LA this coming weekend....

first pix to emerge from the airport are of nikki reed with her skeeve-tastic new bf paris latsis... former fiancee of the skeeve-tastic paris hilton

if that's not enough to horrify you, fear not, there's more...

the hideodious BDH is also en route to vancouver. blah. she looks so freaking old... i know she's not that old.. but, she looks it. and, as always, i swear on a stack of bibles that i've always hated her... way before any twi association. but, now, i really realy hate her.

and now we move to kellan who i do not despise in any way... but, he also does absolutely nothing for me.

i apologize to all who don't get that... but, chiseled generically attractive boys just hold no appeal to my eyes. who knows why.

and ashley... who i guess i sort of like. i think she looks adorable when she's "dressed down." it's when she tries to glam up like a 40 year old that i want to slap her... anyway, she looks cute today and she's got a great bag for her laptop!

photos from twifans - http://www.twifans.com/



this was pretty decent. movie-wise, it's probably more like 3 stars but i really enjoy marisa tomei when she's given something to work with... so, i upped it to 4 :-)

it's a quirky nyc romance about a woman who finally meets mr. right... except that he says he's from the future and came back in time to find her after seeing her photo... a little something to get me ready for the opening of 'time traveler's wife' in a couple of weeks (i looove that book but fear the movie might be a train wreck!)

that's all for now. tomorrow is supposed to be a really nice day here in new york... i'm going to try to haul my ass to one of the local pools. i feel like i haven't done a single summery thing so far this year...

hope your week is off to a good start!


ps. rob is officially done in nyc as of tonite. he'll be back in la very shortly.


  1. i loooove ashely's laptop bag! please let me know if you find out the brand/maker/store :D

    ugh, that paris dude makes me want to take a shower. he's so slimey.

    oh-have you picked out your banner photos yet?

  2. My heart has already started racing. Can't wait to see pictures of Rob back in Vancouver. Though hopefully I don't go as crazy as last time about not seeing him.

    We'll see though. This might be my only shot, especially if they don't film Breaking Dawn here.

  3. BDH is a complete twit. they shot 'lady in the water' here in philly, and she wasn't much in the way of nice or decent to anyone locally. ah, well. now she'll ruin 'eclipse'. bah!!

    paris latsis--super grody!