Sunday, August 2, 2009

a few new twi pix...

This is a great outtake from entertainment weekly's comicon shoot...

i think he looks freaking amazing in this picture... i'm sort of thinking he's going to look even better in this movie than in 'twlight'... the shorter hair might actually work for me.

her's looks great too...

this is supposed to be a new moon pic... his hair looks kinda longish for it to be a new moon pic... but, who knows. it's a scan from a french magazine...

and, that's about it for the twi stuff today... the runaways had its wrap party tonight and remember me should be finishing up any moment... either today or early next week...

word is that the cullen family members (without rob and kristen) are due in vancouver this coming week for hair/makeup/photoshoots... all pre-production stuff

since rob and kristen are just getting done with their respective movies (both of which belong to the same studio that the twilight films come from) they are supposedly getting somewhere between 1-2 weeks off before they have to be in vancouver for pre-production.

will keep you posted!


  1. These are great. They look awesome. I'm glad they will be filming again soon. Will make the waiting time go much faster with more to talk about and see :)

  2. i will admit, the kstew poster looks better than robs!

  3. hey!
    yeah, the pics are great... but i have a question about your flickr photostream... well i always was at your site to look up the newest twilight (resp rob and kristen etc) pictures in your 'twilight stuff' album! And now there are only 18 albums... so, what happened?
    i hope you will put the other albums, e.g. the vainity fair pics, back on the page!
    i'm sorry for my bad english... hope you understand everything...
    all the best <3

  4. hi there jani -- flickr made me delete the other albums. they were going to delete my entire account if i did not. you are only supposed to put pictures that you took yourself up on flickr... :-(

  5. oh no... thats really dumb!
    is there an other opinion to get the pictures? where did you get all the new pictures? do you have a myspace or facebook page... so you can put the pics on that page... it belonged kind of to my daily routine to look up if you add some new pictures =)
    i hope there is an other opinion :-(
    see you!

  6. hi jani, i will be putting the new pictures here :-)

  7. hey melissa...
    yeah i see the new pictures.. cool =)
    well... is there a possibility to get all the 'old' pics from you... maybe you can send them to my e-mail adress or something like that...?
    i hope i do'nt annoy you... but i think you know how it is with this addiction ;-)
    thank you so much <3