Sunday, August 30, 2009

lazy saturday... movies... target... twi cast dinner pix...

argh... it's officially sunday, that sucks.

first off, i woke up with a sore throat. my nose is also stuffed. so, i'm hoping these are related issues that will pass rather than some sort of a lasting throat issue. the LAST thing i need is a lasting throat issue.

i live in fear of sore throats b/c i cannot take anitbiotics with my stomach issues.

well, i *can* take them but the results are disastrous.

so, let's all say a little prayer that my throat gets better on its own.

today was a lazy day...

kept waiting for the rain but it never came! apparently it's now due to hit tomorrow.

we has some family over this afternoon... which is always good for an argument or two.

my 90 year old grandfather, who's gotten more and more lascivious with his advancing age, continued aggravating my aunt and mother by insisting for the umpteenth time that my recently divorced cousin should bed as many women as possible without a 2nd thought...

my mother and aunt don't seem to realize that arguing with a 90 year old is fairly pointless... so, there were voices raised... the whole thing much to my amusement.

later in the day, my pals leslie and ross came over and we did some shopping at target... what else is new... !


i did make a few interesting purchases. got some nice new converse. leslie got the same pair and we were pleased to discover that they were buy 1 get 1 1/2 off... so we both paid only $21.

black suede with a blue glitter star...

i also bought this new doll. it's called a moxie doll and comes with a changeable wig. she's actually MUCH nicer looking in person than in this crappy stock pic. i haven't opened her yet... but, i'll take pix soon. and, yes, i know the last thing i need in this world is MORE random shit... but, i like new and interesting products!

now i'm forcing leslie and ross to sit through some movies... 'hamlet 2' and 'the burbs' -- both very funny if you haven't seen them! some of my favorites!

some more twi stuff from yesterday...

humans on the graduation set...

justin, mike, christian

anna kendrick

and then members of the cast at dinner last night... (kristen apparently not on the scene due to a long day of filming and family in town for a visit)

one movielog entry...



Wavered between giving this 3 or 4 stars but went with 3 in the end. The plot is pretty ridiculous... but, I like all the young actors that are in this (Johnny Galecki, Jay Mohr, Henry Thomas, Jeremy Sisto)... And, Christopher Walken is kind of fun.

Basically, a group of rich boy friends kidnap a mobster, thinking he can help them find one of their kidnapped siblings. And, of course, nothing goes quite as they planned.

So, if you can just go with it and not think too much about the silliness of the plot, it's moderately enjoyable... Occasionally humorous. Denis Leary is in it as a mob henchman... and, he's always fun.

and, that's about all that's new in my world today.

i'm preparing to sleep all day tomorrow during the rain storm... and, hopefully sleep away this sore throat.

have a good one!



  1. Cute converse! I enjoy a good dark comedy (Suicide Kings), but my friend and I almost walked out of the theater during Hamlet 2. It started out good... but after a while we were like... when is this gonna end?

    But I'll always remember that scene where he threw a trashcan at that girl. And I guess that was the point. Heh.

  2. hope your sore stomach feels a lot better today!! guess the doctors have already checked it, but are you sure there isn't any allergy or "just" food intolerance? i know stomach problems as well and a permanent risk stays too much sugar, which i love :-(
    the blue star converse are lovely! ... and your grandfather makes me laugh. sounds like he's in really good shape for a 90 year old ;)

  3. oooh, melissa, you need to love 'hamlet 2'... one of my fave movies EVER. it's so amazing!

    thanks cat, my stomach is doing better. i'm sure it's not allergies. i've really had every test imaginable. there are times when i can eat anything and everything and am just fine... and, times when i can eat barely nothing and am still a mess. thankfully, it seems to have passed again.

    and, the best news of all is that my throat is better today. so, that makes me v v happy!