Tuesday, August 25, 2009

cupcake pens, scalped heads, and quiet time in the world of twi...

hola all,

hope your monday was good!

my week started off as well as to be expected!

i set out for the city this morning on three hours sleep and had 2 fairly successful work appointments none the less. i got a parking spot RIGHT across the street from my 1st appointment... which, in new york, is just about as good as it gets on a monday morning.

for my 2nd appointment i had to park in a lot... i get reimbursed for the expense but i still feel incredibly guilty spending $26 for 45 minutes of parking. the rates have just gotten SO ridiculous!

as i was going in to my first appointment i realized that i had forgotten to put a PEN into my bag this morning.

now, my first boss in publishing sales always had this joke about how the first thing a salesperson needs to have every day is a pen... and, i have forgotten one a LOT over the course of my career. but, it's one of those things i usually think about in the morning...

so, of course, i'm on freaking madison avenue in a chichi part of town where there are no freaking drug stores...

i'm wandering around trying to find any establishment that might sell a pen... i wound up at a children's boutique where i coughed up 5 bucks for a pen that smells like cupcakes...

on the brightside, i now own a pen that smells deliciously like cupcakes! hehe...

also some weird "from the road" pix today...

i've never seen a truck full of open boxes of watermelons before... so, that was interesting!
(hey, when you spend all day in the car, any little thing is interesting!)

i also saw the BIMBO bread truck... isn't that a horrible name for a bread company? and their mascot is this cute little bear... i'm sure he doesn't enjoy being called a bimbo!

yesterday, sunday, i had dinner with some old friends... one of whom i hadn't seen in 16 years! she now lives in philly and was just back on long island for the day... doing some visiting.

she now has an adorable little boy named ryan. his hair is SO red.

i really like kids... and, they like me. i played with ryan all through dinner. we threw silverware around, did some texting on my blackberry, and raced my winnie the pooh keychain.

thankfully, i'm also smart enough to realize that while i enjoy playing with children, i'd rather die than be responsible for one 24/7 for the rest of my life. just not for me.

here are some crappy cell pix of ryan :-)

things have been fairly slow on 'the light of twi' over the past few days...

apparently rob and kristen filmed their first 'eclipse' scene together today... though, no photos have emerged.

same old people have been spotted on the street... ashley, nikki... i'm over it.

i didn't even bother to save the ashley photos... we've already seen her walk her dog a million times...

i only saved this one of nikki and elizabeth b/c i wanted to make fun of nikki's purse. i'm sure it's expensive but i think it's gross looking.

they also remind me that i need new sunglasses.i lost my good chanel pair in salem.. don't know how that happened. i think i left them in the grass when taking doll pix.

they were expensive and i'd be more upset about it but they were already old and all scratched...

there's a rumor that rob and kristen went out for coffee over the weekend... (lol, love that such a random thing is now a widely discussed RUMOR!) but, no photos surfaced.

i do have it on good authority that the random humans (mike, angela, jessica, etc) are due in vancouver this week and will be there for a while... i don't even remember them having much of a role in eclipse... but, i haven't read it in a while...

anyway, some random additional twi stuff... i thought this was a cute screencap from nm... i like their expressions!

this is old... from way back when they were doing twilight promo... but, it's just surfaced in HQ. i normally don't care for facial hair but i enjoy how rob looks here... then again, i always enjoy how he looks.

and, speaking of enjoying how rob looks, here are some more leaked photos from this upcoming mystery photo shoot. can't wait for full size!

this one is particularly hot

and, another rob ew outtake... this is the 1st pic from that shoot that i've really really liked...

here's more from last week on set of 'eclipse'

UGH. look at bryce. i'm REALLY not liking how she looks. i hate the outfit too. she's going to make SUCH a homely victoria. rachelle was super exotic and sexy looking... BDH is just blah. and the granny clothes don't help AT ALL

a few pix of crazy little diego from last weekend... he was up to his usual theiving ways... lol. walking around with someone's keys in his mouth!

movielog stuff:



Eh, I gave this 3 stars but it's probably more like 2.5.

it's really torture porn... just violence for the sake of violence... i don't know, that doesn't do much for me.

though, i do enjoy the crazy slasher films (nightmare on elm street and such)

the one redeeming quality in the film is that it stars tony goldwyn... don't know if you remember him... he was the baddie in 'ghost' all those years ago

i've seen him on stage in nyc and for some reason, i've always liked him.

i don't go for too many older dudes but i think TG is pretty good looking.



liked this a lot. i'd go up to 4.5 stars if i let myself do the 1/2 thing... hehe!

quentin has SUCH awesome style.

he's crazy... and, i love it.

i really liked the girl who played shoshanna and the super evil main nazi investigator. two awesome performances.

loved the part when shoshana was getting ready for the movie premiere. it was shot all new wave music videoy...

anyway, very good.

lots of violence... so, if you're squeamish, keep that in mind. even i hid my eyes a few times. (that's where the scalped heads comes in to this post... eeeeeeeeeeeew!)

i had no idea that BJ Novak from 'the office' was in this... love him!

and, that's a great segway, speaking of THE OFFICE...

i hate tv for the most part... but, i love the office... and, i love jim and pam.

they filmed jim and pam's wedding this week.

awwwwwwwwww, look how cute! can't wait to see it. i bet michael cries at the ceremony! hehe!

i also made two random and unexpected ebay purchases today...

i've wanted an orange blossom strawberry shortcake for my SS collection for a while... glad i finally scooped one up.

and, i've had this kooky custom idea in mind for a while now and i really wanted her to be EBL... i lucked into this frupu via evilbay for a great price and free shipping. so, i couldn't resist... even though i have no business buying a doll at this point in time. i should be selling stuff, not buying.

and, now, i have a bit of a problem... her scalp is green. i need to do something about that. has anyone ever spray painted a de-haired scalp... will that work? i need it to be yellow... not green. planning on bright yellow hair for her... any advice doll peeps?

(in fact, i WILL be selling stuff this week. probably clothes and 4 blythe girls. i want to do some clothes shopping for fall).

again, awesome segway, speaking of buying stuff for fall...

i went nuts and did some shoe ordering...

in my defense, all the flats were $13 at target.com.

shoes are VERY rarely comfortable for me but i love these odell flats from target. they have them in about 20 colors/prints.

i've also bought THREE pairs of the flats in zebra...hehe. i've been wearing them out and rebuying. thankfully they're still in stock!

the gray sneaker boots are from OTBP (off the beaten path)... they're called spokane. i love them... i just hope they fit. b/c of my fat legs, usually anything that goes up high winds up being too tight. we'll see. i ordered from from a place that does free returns!

okay, i think that's fully and completely it for now!

have a great tuesday!




  1. aw, thanks, we'll see if i can squeeze my feet in them!

    one of my twi friends over on twitter works for the company that makes them. :-)

    first thing in the morning, it's so entertaining. thanks, melissa!

  3. The 'Bimbo' truck is hilarious. Almost beats the 'La Puta' seafood restaurant we have here in Seoul. XD
    There should be a tutorial on TIB somewhere about scalp painting. Not sure if it's still there after the renewal, though.
    The doggy is so darn cute!

  4. haha i was going to ask, shopping for you?? hehe. i still haven't gotten around to getting my gray converse... will have to get that asap. and yay for your strawberry shortcake!

  5. The Spokane from OTBT has an inside zip and the laces are functional so you should be able to loosen them a little...At the shows, they always put them on the models untied and worn kind of messy..could help with the leg thing? I love the flats too even if they are from Target! Always nice to get fun flats you KNOW you'll wear the hell out of or inevitably leave one in a hotel for a nice price! :) I wanna see pics of the OTBT's when you get 'em! You must model them!

  6. yes, shopping for me leslie!... hehe. can you believe it? actually, i think i'm going to list the dolls/clothes tonight. i have to get motivated!

    hah, exactly ashley -- the cheap shoes are always good for me b/c i trash everything i own... so, at least when i trash them, i know i didn't spend much for them! i'll definitely take pix of the OTBT's when they arrive. i got a notice saying they are already on the way! :-)