Monday, August 3, 2009

another long day draws to a close...

so, i got 3 hours of sleep last night before heading off to my family party this afternoon...

that was.... unpleasant. i don't do well on little sleep.

so, i didn't stay too long and then came home and slept from about 4 pm to 10 pm... very healthy.

i've now been up for less than 4 hours but i'm pretty sure i'm going to sleep again now. maybe get back on a normal schedule tomorrow.

oh, flickr and i are back on speaking terms. i wrote them late last night after deleting the twi photos and they've made me searchable once more. so, that's a good thing. i still curse them for their annoyingness... but, whatever. we have to move on!

okay, on to a few quick orders of business.

this is an edward shot from the new moon 2010 calendar which just shipped. i have no idea if i ordered this calendar or not. i'm thinking i did not. i'll have to get on that tomorrow.

the eyes kill me. they look so good. 4,307% better than in the first movie. i think we need to petition for 'twilight' to be re-made.

what else...

kellan, nikki & rachelle at comicon...

oh, and a couple of movie reviews.



I seem to remember this doing really badly in theaters and getting awful reviews. so, i wasn't expecting much...

maybe it's jut b/c i was exhausted and my expectations were low... but, i thought it was cute and amusing. probably more like 3.5 but still a fairly pleasant film.



i love phillip seymour hoffman... i have since 1997 when i first laid eyes on him in an off bway play called 'shopping & fucking'

i think he's one of the best actors we have today... and, his performance here is spectacular as usual.

that said, didn't like the movie at all.

lame and depressing story of a man whose life crumbles after his wife unexpectadly takes her own life...

he begins sniffing gasoline to dull the pain and... i start wishing the movie would be over.

cybermelli product endorsement:

in target the other night i realized that i was extremely thirsty while standing in front of a fridge full of this simply lemonade stuff...

i don't remember being aware of this product in the past but i decided to open the fridge and start drinking one right there in the aisle.

it turns out that it's fucking fabtastic. it's going to give my love for nestea a run for its money.

did a bit of research on it tonite and discovered that it's a coca cola product... (what isn't??? nestea is as well)

anyone know if they sell this in some sort of multipack or can in supermarkets? i'm going to have to check that out asap... also think it might taste awesome mixed with some sort of alcohol...

finally, this is a problem....

i happened to notice this sign in the window of the combo KFC/A&W we visited last night.

why the fuck would hot dogs contain milk... i mean... i just don't get it!

i guess they put this up so that lactose intolerant people are forewarned... but, honestly, i'd have preferred it if they kept this knowledge to themselves.

also, A&W sells something called "cheese curds"... i don't know what the word curd means... but, it's not an appealing term for a food. it's one letter away from turd.

okay, i think that's about all the ranting i have energy for today.

this week is.... not all that busy.

a few appointments, a few doctors appointments...

next week: boston for sales meeting.


hope you had a great weekend kids!



  1. One letter away from "turd" LMAO. Melissa you crack me up.

  2. Haha, that cracked me up too. "cheese curd"