Sunday, August 2, 2009

damn... how does it get to be 3 am when it still feels like 10 pm?

i seriously have no idea where the day went!

i went to bed at close to 7 am on saturday morning and slept till 2 pm. by the time i went to bed, all the flickr pix (all, including doll and twi stuff) had been saved to my computer.

i was super productive saturday afternoon... got 11 dolls ready to go out for a photo shoot... got an external hard drive at a great price...

leslie and ross stopped by around 5:30 and we headed out for doll photos...

randomly, some sort of movie or tv show was filming at the first long island park that i planned to take us to.

the signs pointing towards the set was labeled "RP SET THIS WAY"

so, obviously, the sets get labeled with the name of the project rather than the name of the performers in them... but, you know what i think when i see those particular initials.

and, actually, i quickly realized that this was the new tv show 'royal pains' that was filming... they've actually been filming on long island a lot... and, i saw signs for them in the city too recently.

so, sadly, leslie, ross and i did not stumble upon rob in a random park on long island... though, that would have been hella funny.

i still haven't had a chance to take a look at my photos from today... but, i think they came out nicely.

let's see... what else?

i bought an awesome hello kitty lunchbox at target this evening which is my new camera bag... will definitely get some pix of that...

oh, we picked up crappy fast food since we didn't get around to eating dinner till 10 pm... we stopped at a combo KFC/A&W and noticed signs in the window that said "THE HOT DOGS WE SERVE CONTAIN MILK"

wtf is *that* about? really does not seem right to me... lol.

and, after the dude at the window repeated to us that my wings were to be boneless and leslie's were to contain bones.... we both got bones... except leslie got 1 random boneless... FML

leslie and i tried to find more shit for me to sell... it didn't work that much. leslie had a laughing fit over the quality of a handmade item in my doll clothing collection.

i forced l&r to watch the fantastic 80s flick 'back to the beach' ...

donuts were consumed...

ross proved to me that technology never does what i think it's going to...

i swear up and down i've tried to use external hard drives with both my pc and mac and that it's never worked... it only works with whichever i connect it to first.

but, oddly, tonight, the new western digital drive i bought seems to work perfectly with both my mac and pc.

this will make my life much easier as i now don't need to worry about which of my 2 computers i save new photos too...

i'm totally rambling and likely boring the HELL out of you...

did anything else interesting happen today?

oh, shit, yah, i deleted the pix from flickr. about 3000 actually... not 4000. so, hopefully my friend terrence in flickr support will agree to make me searchable again on monday.

tomorrow is a family party... which means i should really try to get to bed before 7 am tonite... if i only i didn't have dolls and doll clothing strewn all over my bed...

blah. okay, guess i'm off to do some cleaning and then sleep.

totally sounds like i had a riveting day, right? i promise not to be this boring every day!



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  1. well i always have fun when we hang out! except i can't seem to stop falling asleep whenever you put a movie on! i will get you that picture of hot dogs contain milk.