Wednesday, August 12, 2009

french new moon trailer!

here's the french trailer for new moon!

we are VERY grateful to the awesome @fakerparis on twitter who translated the french into english so we could understand it!

please also check her site out here! -- thinking of rob

also out today is the cover for this week's new entertainment weekly... it's the fall movie preview and they have kristen and TAYLOR on the cover.

thanks to for the scan. be sure to check out their site!

really, i mean, they used TAYLOR?

melissa is seriously upset by the lack of rob from new moon promo...

i know it's going to be this way for all the press... so, i should probably just be put into a medically induced coma till june when eclipse comes out...

i don't do well with twilight sans rob... then i just see it for the cheesy mess it actually is...

oh well, at least we can rest assured that it'll be rob and not taylor on the cover of all the freaking trash rags from now till june...

on to my own personal life....

today started off well enough...

got through the rest of my meeting and was then super excited to head off and meet the very awesome jenny -- one of my dolly friends -- up in salem, ma for some dinner and dolly fun!

we had a lovely time and the rain even held off for us!

so, awesome day...

i was LITERALLY within ONE BLOCK of my hotel tonight on the way home from dinner when i got pulled over and got my THIRD ticket in 9 months.

the hotel is RIGHT outside of an underground tunnel which is connected to a bridge. so, i'm driving through the tunnel and all of a sudden i notice that there are multiple cops STANDING, yes STANDING in the middle of the road. i was like "wtf??? do they have a death wish?"

obviously, i stop.

the cars in the other lanes stopped too... since we couldn't just plow down a row of cops

well, the fuckers gave ALL of us tickets. 4 cars at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


obviously, i'm not from this area... so, i have no idea what's up but they must know this is a great stop to get people at... apparently it was a 30 mph zone and we were ALL going more than that.

so, now i'm royally pissed as well as genuinely concerned for the fate of my license.

i mean, i have just had HORRIBLE luck lately.

i drive the same way i always did. my first 3 years on the road as a sales rep i got 2 tickets.

in the past 9 months... 3!

if i continue at this rate, my license will be revoked.

i have 4 NY state points on my license.

your license is suspended at 11 pts.

i did some research tonite and as far as i can tell, the ticket from boston will NOT add points to my license in NY. NY doesn't add out of state points except for quebec and ontario (god only knows what that is about!)

so, i guess things could be worse.

but, i'm still out $170.


and, with that, i bid you farewell.

i'm hanging out in my hotel room now and watching movies on the pay tv...

so, expect some movie reviews tomorrow... assuming i make it home in one piece!

i plan to wake up at 11:30 and check out at noon... as late as possible! i need a rest in a serious way.




  1. Re: Medically induced coma until Eclipse's June premier.

    Yeah - we're all with you on that, M.

    Sucks about the speeding ticket. I got a ticket for rolling through a stop sign TWO HOUSES DOWN from my house. (I was in a hurry to get home to see Access Hollywood... they were airing deleted scenes from Twilight... back in March.)


  2. *sigh* I'm not happy about this Rob-less New Moon promo stuff either. I bet you the issue won't sell anywhere near as much as their issues with Rob. Then again, they did just have Rob on the cover for the vampire one.. still. I would have been happy with two Rob covers in a row. haha.

    PS it's been so quiet here in Van, I haven't heard anything about any of the cast being out and about.

  3. Damn, $170?! I thought ours were bad at $150! That's a whole new dolly you could buy!

    And I am in the minority, I love all of the Jacob New Moon stuff! Sure, Rob is a gazillion times hotter and I am way more obsessed with him, but as far as the actual story of Twilight, I love love love Jacob. This preview was weird how they interview Taylor about the movie. And there were a lot of new clips! Cool!

  4. you got me cracking up instantly on the "medically induced coma till june"

    *giggles* sorry for the ticket, I know how you feel, same tihng happened to us and here it's 300 dolars. =(

    I hope you got your much needed rest.