Monday, August 10, 2009

oh monday.... how i loathe thee...

it's always nice to start with a photo. the entry looks boring w/ just text on the main page.

so, we'll start with this before we recap... i think that this might be the hottest pic to come out of TCA last night...

so, i'm coming to you live from boston this evening... with 31 minutes left on this unspectacular monday.

i drove up today for my company's august sales meeting...

the day was not really a good one.

it started off at like 2 am last night when i managed to lock myself out of all company systems... it was my own fault. they sent me 1000 emails telling me it was time to change my password, i kept ignoring them. finally, it was too late and i tried logging into something w/ my old password, forgetting it expired, and i locked myself out...

so, i had to scramble to remember what time i needed to arrive, and where i needed to be and when today... b/c i couldn't access it in the middle of the night when i was trying to plan my monday

little things like this throw me into fits... i'm a definite control freak.

so, that started the day badly

i went to bed really late... didn't get enough sleep

woke up, tried to get out of the house quickly so i made it up here on time...

as i'm leaving the mail comes... tons of cc bills...

(oh, if you don't know, i have MASSIVE... yes, MASSIVE cc debt. all my own fault too... )

anyway, so, that was NOT what i needed right before getting in the car for a 5 hour drive...

i opened them and that was a mistake. my amex, which is terrifying in a good month, was extra terrifying b/c there was a random charge on it from a computer company in THE NETHERLANDS which i knew i didn't make

but, i had to get the hell on the road... but, of course, that was bugging me the entire way up here.

of course, once i'm on the road, things don't get much better... traffic traffic traffic.

soon as i got in the car, news in the twi world broke. apparently ashley had been seen kissing someone named chase crawford at the airport. i will admit that i have heard that name many times. and, i'm thinking he's probably on gossip girl? most of the young people i have never heard of who are famous seem to be on gossip girl...

so, yeah, i don't know him... i don't watch tv... and, other than twilight, i'm not really into any other teenybopper stuff

but, i guess he's popular and i guess the fact that he's locking lips with ashley greene is big news... even though, to me, it's inconsequential! lol. i like her well enough i guess, i just don't care.

so, ashley greene WISHES that kiss was the biggest media hit she got today...

1/2 way through my drive, the "ashley greene nude photo scandal" broke... if you haven't heard that one... perez hilton posted seemingly authentic nude photos of ashley today.

they were removed from his site shortly thereafter when her lawyers threatened to sue.

so, we'll see if anything happens there.

i saw the photos... sucks that someone would sell her out that way but at the same time, i can't say that i feel bad for her. i think the "young and dumb" thing gets overused... it's unclear how old she was when they were taken... could have been 2 year ago, could have been 5, i'm bad at ages... but, regardless, even at 14 (and she wasn't THAT young in the pix) i think you should know enough not to do shit like that

even if you are not or have no intention of becoming famous... that shit is going to come back to haunt you some day. what are the stats on relationships these days? dating or marriages? let me tell you this... most of em fail.

so, chances are this guy or girl that you trust oh so much today is going to be your sworn enemy at some point in the future.

the last thing you want is them walking around with a pocket full of nudie shots of you.

yeah... maybe i'm heartless... but, i just can't feel that badly about if when she obviously allowed the photos to be taken.

annnnnnnnnnnnnway, hopping off that topic onto other happenings in the light of twi.

so, TCA last night...

overall, kinda lame. no amazing moments in the evening. nothing earth shattering occurred.

they went, they looked uncomfortable (if i had to watch miley and the jonas perform i'd be uncomfortable too!), they won, and they went home.

bright and early today was departure for vancouver time for the cast... including kristen and rob this time around.

ks and rp were put on different flights... likely the choice of the studio... though, who knows, maybe there were ok with it... it's a short flight and i'm sure they're fine w/ not being photographed together again after the past few days...

so, they're all up there.

nothing exciting today. a few airport pix and shots of rob a random area where they where wardrobe fittings were taking place.

i think that's about it.

the web connection at this hotel SUCKS. HARDCORE SUCKS

so, we'll see how much i can update this week! i'm going to attempt to post a bunch of pix in a minute and attach them to this post... it'll be some TCA leftovers and random pix from the cast's travels today.

will be returning home on thursday night... but, chances are you'll hear from me again before that!

hope your monday was good! i'm happy it's over and ready to start again tomorrow... this meeting is (for the first time) smaller than usual. partly b/c of the economy... but, i think it's goign to be a really good thing. only the people who really NEED to be present are... which should help facilitate discussions! (if you care, the meeting i'm at is to familiarize ourselves with the upcoming books our company is publishing -- so we can then go out and sell them.... as well as general brainstorming stuff!)

okay, tty soon!


Kristen making her way through the airport today...

Rob making his way to Van...

Ashley "saying goodbye" to some guy called chase crawford... who i guess is a good friend of hers... lol

Ashley making her way to Van...she brought her puppy... AW!

Nikki going to costume fitting in Van...

Rob going to costume fitting in Van...


  1. Chance Crawford is in fact on Gossip Girl. He plays Nate Archibald. I also believe he is rumoured to be playing Ren in the upcoming re-filming of Footloose. Since Zac Efron is a serious actor now.

    I will never understand how people who want to be famous someday take nude pics and expect them not to show up to haunt them. I find it admirable that Ashely's attornies are trying to protect her, but really she didn't do a good job of protecting herself.


  2. I just can't help but laugh at the utter stupidity of some of these starlets. They have to be delusional if they assume that their past actions wont come with critical repercussions later on. Sade to say, I've lost some respect for her.

    On another it just me, or does that last picture of Rob look like he's taking a piss? The magazines would have a field day with that shot ;)