Friday, August 14, 2009

1:10 am... officially friday!

Well, it's officially Friday.... thank god. this week has been long and not entirely good.

i'm once again in a foul mood... what else is new?

first off, my fax machine died again when i was in boston. several stores left me messages saying they were trying to send orders and couldn't get through. the same thing happened a few weeks ago... i just unplugged it 15 times and it eventually started working again. that doesn't seem to be helping now.

so, i'm assuming maybe it's lived its last days...

i'm going to go out and get another tomorrow...

if i get a new one and it still doesn't work.... you won't be hearing from me again b/c i'm just going to shoot myself and be done with it.

more reasons why death is looking like an attractive option...

some of you know this, some don't... melissa has massive debt. like the kind that should send her jumping off a bridge. it's all her own fault. she doesn't live w/in her means and owns lots of random and unnecessary crap

anyway, bills galore waiting for me when i got home today which is always annoying.

and, as the economy is in chaos, many of the cc companies are now increasing their interest rates. today i had a fight on the phone with amex (after calling just 48 hours ago to fight with them about something else).

i sense that in the coming years i am totally going to have to declare bankruptcy.

i guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

so, we'll do what i always do when this gets to be too much to handle, we'll just shove it to the back of the brain and try not to think about it... !

annnnnnyyyyyyyyyyway, plenty of diversions going on in the light of twi...

first, we have this sort of blurry, but fun none-the-less gif --


the only time that i've thought rob was a good actor (and, don't get me wrong, i don't think he's a TERRIBLE actor... but, i'm realistic and i don't think he's amazing either)... but, anyway, the only time i've been moved by something other than the perfection of his face is when he does the squinty eyed pained kiss at the prom in 'twilight'

so, this gif makes me happy b/c it shows that, regardless of all the taylor filled awfulness of new moon, we will at least get another squinty eyed pained kiss in the end!

moving on.... speaking of taylor and the jacob filled new moon... here are outtakes from EW

in addition to making us all angry that it's not rob rather than taylor in these photos, it also makes us sadly long for the days of kristen's lovely long hair. hopefully they at least dye her short hair back to a somewhat normal color soon...

thanks to the awesome folks at -- there are all sorts of awesome new behind-the-scenes shots from the filming of 'twilight' making their way around the net.

here they are.

be sure to check out

this one is my fave... old school rob w/ raybans...

While away this week i've gotten TOTALLY behind on the movielog...

So, let's catch up -- for the first time in a while i've seen a bunch of really GOOD things... !



Well, first of all, anything that stars John Krasinski cannot be all bad. (I've even watched the wedding movie with John and Mandy Moore multiple times!)

This was a very very sweet film.

Young pregnant couple preparing for the birth of their first child takes to the road, trying to decide where to "settle down" to start their family.

Along the way they visit friends and family and learn a lot more than they originally bargained for about life, love, and the fact that pretty much everyone in this world is a fucked up mess...



I am not a Jennifer Aniston fan. I was not a Friends fan. So, I tend to avoid anything she does...

But, I *am* a Steve Zahn fan. I love the movie 'Reality Bites' and I have enjoyed him ever since...

(Do you want to hear about my bizarre encounter with Steve Zahn back in 1997? I went to see this Broadway play that starred Paul Rudd... It was either right before or right after Clueless came out... Anyway, Paul Rudd wasn't *that* famous... But, there were a decent number of people waiting for him to come out of the stage door after the show. Though, back then, decent was like 15 people, not 100s. So, Steve Zahn and his wife wander up to the door and ask the guard if Paul has left yet... Thinking Steve is some random stalker fan, the guard lies and says that Paul is indeed gone. Now, this was entirely NOT true as the show had just ended and I was quite sure he was still in there. But, I'm quiet and shy so I didn't say "No, Steve Zahn, don't leave, he's still in there!" So, Steve and wife leave, without seeing their friend... And, about 5 minutes later Paul Rudd comes out and hangs out for a while signing crap and talking to people. Lol. I wonder if I have a picture with Paul Rudd... I have no clue where I'd even look to find it. I have WAY too much shit from the 1990s stacked in boxes in various locations. Anyway, I know that wasn't a very good story... but, thanks for letting me share!)

Anyway, back to 'Management'

I loved it.

I'm a sucker for sappy romantic crap and this defintiely falls into that category. But, it's also really funny too.

steve plays the unambitious son of a small town motel owner and jennifer aniston is a traveling sales rep who comes to stay at their place...

I'm surprised that it didn't get wider distribution. I watched it on pay per view at my hotel in boston... but, it comes out on DVD in september.

definitely check it out... you won't be disappointed.



I wanted to hate this movie. I tried really hard to hate it.

But, it was fucking fantasttic.

By fucking fantastic, I also mean fucking RIDICULOUS.

I cannot even put into words how moronic the plot is...

Nor can I put into words some of the things that happen in this movie.

The main character attacks an old wonky eyed woman with a STAPLER

And a goat gets possessed by the devil, turns CGI, and calls a girl a WHORE

The list of amazing stuff just goes on and on

This is the kind of horror movie i love... It's also the kind of horror movie that seems to have fallen by the wayside in recent years...

To me, Drag me to Hell is much more like the horror movies of the 70s and 80s that were funnier than they were scary.

Part of the reason that I loved the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' series so much in the late 80s is that, barring the fact that he was a sadistic murder, Freddy Kruger was also a laugh a minute.

So, it's far from high art, but Drag me to Hell is an INCREDIBLY good time!

Finally, I want to share a fun little test with you...

This week, at sales meeting, one of my coworkers mentioned taking this "color" test online.

it evaluates how well you percieve color by making you drag and drog different swatches into correct hue order.

i am proud to say that i scored PERFECT on the test.

see my results below. (you'll have to click the image to make it bigger, otherwise you can't see a damn thing!)

to take the test yourself, visit :

so, that's it for now...

i have one work appointment tomorrow morning... which i'm going to be exhausted for... since i'm not even close to going to sleep yet...

but, it's close by.

tomorrow night i'm going to go see 'time traveler's wife' -- even though i'm certain that i'll be disappointed... since i ADORE the book and have heard bad things about the film so far...

saturday is a family bday party for one of my fave family members -- my little cousin bobby.

sunday is a get together in central park with my friends leslie, ross and moe for some dolly pix...

and............ i still sort of want to go see marcus foster on sunday night... but, it would appear that none of my freinds are available to attend with me...

so, i either give it a miss or go alone.......... we shall see.

hope you have an awesome friday!




  1. wow, melissa!! did you try the test only once??? i have 61, thats not too bad, but zero is much better - congratulations ;-) ... well, okay, you're younger ;))

  2. Just wanted to tell you love reading your blog. u tell it how it is and i like that.. Awesome blogging. i also follow ur twitter (tkenn2009) so keep it comin..


  3. HEHEHEHE "squinty eyed pained kiss" YES! I loved the squinty eyed pained kiss at the prom. Like, loved it. It made my heart swell and then once I realized I will never, ever experience that kiss, my heart deflated. And I noticed the squinty eyed pained kiss in the gif before I scrolled down to read more and I was thinking/screaming to myself, AWW IT'S THE SQUINTY EYED PAINED KISS!! and BAM you wrote about it.

    PS. That first picture from the behind the scenes stuff.. I bet Nikki's been in that position before.. ZING!

    PPS. There's a lot of "squinty eyed pained kiss" in this comment.

  4. I don't know, I didn't really like the squinty eyed pained kiss!! I thought it seemed a little like trying way too hard to act. Don't get me wrong, I love Rob, but I really don't care for the way he plays Edward. I am hoping he's a little less brooding in New Moon, but I DOUBT IT! Considering he's all emo in the book. Maybe Eclipse will be more fun loving Edward. And quit raggin' on TAYLOR! I like him! And Kstew looks really gorgeous in those photos. Definitely miss her long, auburn hair. Oh and I wanna see Drag Me To Hell so bad! Sounds hilarious!!

    Oh and that kiss looks friggin' HOT! But I hate seeing all of the climactic end sequences in the trailers!! They need to save that for the movie!

  5. you saw MANAGEMENT?! that's the movie with my sister's ex bf. James Liao, so was he any good? i hven't seen it myslf... i'm gonna ask about on sunday lol.

    and btw kstew actually looks great in those pictures! i do miss her long hair. i can't believe she's only 19.

    i scored a 90 on that color test. awful!

  6. AmEx raised mine too, the fuckers. After I only spent like FIVE YEARS (faithfully and without late payments) paying them off the first time and now I'm back in a smaller but manageable hole with them, they raised it to 15% variable?? WTF? W
    hat did they tell you after you spoke to them anyway?

    Oh and I got 74 on the color test, I'm convinced its my monitor.

  7. I was at the supermarket today and passed one of those Life & Style covers with Robsten on it. She had her awful, awful Joan Jett hair and it made me super sad.

    I need to see Away We Go! I missed it in theatres and need to get on that. I'm excited to see It's Complicated just to see JKras.

    And I love that you like Steve Zahn. I adore him. In my mind he is always going to be that guy from That Thing You Do! Or perhaps Monty the Cat from Stuart Little.


  8. i hate that it's so hard to reply to people individually on here... it sucks!

    one more thing that makes me miss being able to discuss things on flickr!

    anyway, here goes --

    cat cullen -- yep, i did the test only once! but, it's okay, good eye sight is just about the only thing i have going for me in life! i can't hear to save my soul!

    tialisa25 -- thank you SO much! i know it sounds cheesy but that really does mean a lot b/c i haven't blogged like this in years and i genuinely doubted that anyone would care to read!

    tracy -- glad to hear that i'm not the only one obsessed with the squinty eyed pained kiss. in fact, it's the only thing in all of twilight that i really love!

    leslie -- HOLY SHIT. i didn't remember you mentioning 'management' specifically as the movie that he was in. and, i wouldn't have remembered the name... not that i was paying attention when the names came on... he has a BIG fucking part... and, he was GOOD! now you totally have to watch this movie with me. i already ordered it on amazon. lol. it comes out at the end of september. your sister can come over and watch it too. lol! i'll tell you more on sunday! (ps. the weather is supposed to be really nice!)

    ... --- do i know you? lol. i feel weird talking to someone with dots for their name! hehe. anyway, amex sucks. it old them i wanted to opt out of the interest rate increase (which i think is to 17.99 percent or something and they told me that i couldnt). i don't understand ANY of this shit which is why i'll be in massive debt for the rest of my life. seriously. it's BAD. you have no idea how bad.

    cristen -- yup, they're on the cover of life and style this week. i need to get that! i actually thought she looked good at the teen choice awards (that's the photo they used) but would definitely like to see her get her regular hair back soon!

    and, yay for steve zahn love... i've seen so many bad movies over the years just b/c he was in them...

    he should do a play sometime!

  9. lmfao- awesome that you're ordering the movie cuz i was gonna have ross download it. i can wait a month!

    i retook the test- i got a 18 on a better monitor~!

    and ROSS!

  10. yeah, '...' is me, I did that years ago to avoid certain drama with certain people.

  11. Yay! I got a perfect "zero" on that Hue test! That was fun. :)

  12. ooooooooh, how funny! i had no idea.

    so yeah, james has a kinda decent role. you'll like it!

    yay noella!