Friday, August 7, 2009

wow, i'm updating before midnite!

dude, amen for it being friday!

as predicted, i encountered hellish traffic on my way to brooklyn -- and on my way home too. on the way there, some ridiculous fucking truck dumped bricks all over the BQE... making a normally awful road positively nightmarish. and, on the way home, it was typical friday afternoon escape from the city traffic.

so, by the time i got home i had a massive headache... which i haven't been able to shake.

on top of that, the idiotic neighbors are at it again with the goddamn fireworks so my dog has been on the verge of seizure for the past couple of hours. fun stuff! when he's nervous, he scratches things wildly... anything and everything... it's horrible to listen to... especially when you have a headache.

so, that's about it.

i think i might try to relax by doing a bit of doll work tonite. there's at least one, if not more, blythe that i've done some customizing to in the past that i might like to make changes to...

now, on the the rest of the nuttiness ---

today was a major day on the light of twi... as my friend christina said... it truly is like a soap opera with the friday cliffhanger... ! lol.

you'll remember, yesterday afternoon, paps caught rob driving off from kristen's house in a porsche...

that brings us to last night (thursday night)

rob's friend bobby was playing in LA and moon, from letters to twilight, spotted kristen and rob
at the show... they left just before bobby finished and hopped in a cab with rob's other friend, marcus foster.

here's a grainy (but unmistakable) shot she took of them hopping into the cab...

that cab took them to the chateau marmont hotel where kristen apparently spent the night in rob's room... according to the folks at radar online.

and, for those who require photographic evidence... here are photos of kristen leaving chateau marmont today... you can see that she's wearing the same clothes she wore to the concert the night before...

none of this is really shocking to me... there's been enough "robsten" evidence for me for months now... the post-VMA photos really were the smoking gun...

i think anyone who still disputed their togetherness after that is just in some sort of denial!

beyond that, i don't think they particularly care that people know... but, at the same time, they're just not the kind of people who are going to sit down and do a happy go lucky interview about it either.

so, good for them.

i honestly don't care either way about them being together... it's not something i sat around hoping for... lol. but, i will say that i think they seem well suited to each other and i think that each could do a lot worse!

as someone who (obviously) has a bit of a rob fixation, i'd most certainly prefer to see him with someone real and unpretentious like kristen rather than say an attention whoring socialite.

while on the subject of rob, after kristen's departure this afternoon, he was spotted getting a bite to eat on the patio at chateau marmont...

and........... for everyone wondering where the hell kristen's ex michael angarano has been all these months... he (quite coincidentally!) resurfaced yesterday as well... out on the town with a mystery brunette! and, i say, good for him. no use sitting around pining over kstew when she's obviously moved on!

through the grapevine, rachelle was apparently also hanging out at chateau marmont last night... though, it does not appear that she was hanging out with kristen and/or rob... (in all likelihood, she had no idea they were there!)

so, while we're on the subject of rachelle, let's take a look at more from the september 09 issue of glamour.

the ladies of twilight look awesome here -- i think.

the one you don't recognize is noot (who is the former model playing vampire heidi in italy)

i watched a pretty great (if already somewhat dated) documentary last night...



i'm just about as politically left leaning as possible, so watching stuff like this horrifies me beyond belief.

basically, this is a rundown of the massive bush fuckup in iraq

literally from the get go through his last days in office, every move that administration made with respect to "operation iraqi freedom" was a bumbling fucked up mess.

the documentary interviews countless former advisors who detail one error in judgement after another.

some of the most shocking

-- we had virtually no arab speaking military officials over there

-- the bush administration never had any plan to protect infrastructure in iraq beyond their oil resources

-- the bush administration "dismissed" thousands upon thousands of trained (and armed!) iraqi military personnel without a second thought... creating intense anti-american sentiment and putting all these men on the street with their livelihoods taken away...

a third grader could've figured out that the results were going to be catastrophic.

anyway, i'd been meaning to watch this doc for years now... and, of course, with obama in office, some of this info is already a bit dated...

at the time the movie came out, there really was "no end in sight"

and... hopefully... that's changing.

i guess only time will tell if we provided any service whatsoever to the people of iraq...

hmmmmm... that's a cheery way to start the weekend... no?

okay, as of right now, i think that's all from me.

i'm actually seeing rob's friend sam bradley sing in NYC tomorrow night... so, should have some photos of that for you on sunday!

and, of course, the coming days should prove eventful with the teen choice awards on sunday and the arrival of the (supposedly full cast) in vancouver on monday for more preproduction work on eclipse.


have a wonderful and relaxing weekend folks!



  1. R and K were clearly just running lines together. They are method actors. They are that dedicated. Or perhaps they were doing selected scenes from Breaking Dawn? Filling in the fade-to-black gaps? y/y?

    Why does Nikki look like a man?

    Christina's onto something... The Light of Twi continues. Luckily, as Laura pointed out, The Robsten Saga has special weekend episodes!

  2. LOL @ Kristen's walk of shame ;)

    God, Nikki Reed is so disgusting looking :S How she nabbed the role of the beautiful Rosalie is beyond my comprehension. She does absolutely nothing for me in the role.

  3. i'd like to toss in that i don't think noot is any great beauty either...

    i mean, she's tall and stick thin... so, i get why she was a model...

    but, heidi should be amazingly beautiful... and, this girl is hardly that.

    so, while i don't think either nikki or noot is by any means unattractive, i think ashley and rachelle most certainly outshine them! (in these photos and in reality!)

  4. She's not a "conventional" beauty, I guess. She's what the fashion industry calls "Ugly-Pretty". She's a prime example of a photographer's dream; her odd and "off" facial structures somehow come together beautifully when translated in photographs. I can definitely see her channeling Paulina Porizkova in that glam shot of hers. It will be interesting how she translates onto film.

    I agree, though: Ashley and Rachelle are a stand out in the group shot. However, Noot takes the cake for me when it comes to the "Glam" look.

  5. LOL at the walk of shame comment. That's exactly what it is. Oh boy, I love this soap opera, I wonder if even beter stuff will go down while they are here in Van. Though this means there will be a lot more photogs around, which will help me find the cast easier (and by find of course I mean casually walk past where ever they may be).

  6. dude... considering whose bed she was sharing, that's totally a walk of pride, not shame! lol.

  7. lol on the above comment.

    I'll call that foto

    Bedding RP-walk.

    love this blog, Mel. Like i said: one stop shop.