Wednesday, August 19, 2009

lotsa stuff -- more kristen in 'dazed', pfach & ashley on streets of van, rachelle in italy, kristen does more hair tests, old new EW & rome!

Wow, it's still early and already it's been a pretty eventful day on the light of twi...

first, some morons on wikipedia were claiming that rob was dead.... okaaaay. find something better to do with your lives people... !

then uk's 'mirror' recycled hella old rob shite about being "single" as if it were new...

and, of course, some people believed both of these things and were all in a tizzy for a bit...

anyway, i was not in a tizzy... i actually got a few things accomplished today and i will continue being productive as i read and annotate my winter catalogs into the night... (i am a night owl and would rather do this stuff late in the day than get up early and start straight away!)

also planning to see 'district 9' in a bit... looking forward to that.

okay, what do we have...

first, some more kristen in 'dazed' -- i posted scans of the article yesterday... so, if you haven't read it yet, see below.

Then a couple of new outtakes from an old EW shoot

so, b/c Summit sucks ass, Rachelle is not in Eclipse... but, lucky for her, she is in italy filming with the fantabulous paul giamatti. so, good for you rachelle! i see anything that paul g. does so i'm looking forward to this! it would also appear that her character is pregnant! (figured i'd clarify that before people start thinking that rachelle is suddenly 5 mo preggers!)

Meanwhile, in Van today, Kristen was at another hair test... Can't wait to find out if they decide to wig her or do extensions... regardless, hope they come up with something that looks good!

Also in Van... Peter and the family (nice that they got to come along!) and Ashley and her pup!

Surely this isn't new, but I didn't see it till now... So, i'm posting it anyway... The cover of the upcoming movie companion for 'new moon'

And, some old/new pix from promotion of twi in rome last year...

and, one more movielog entry...



Do avoid this trash at all costs...

It's like a schmaltzy hallmark movie but 10 times worse...

basically, some worthless rich kid (think paris hilton if she were a guy!) has to learn to appreciate life, family, love, etc before he can inherit his grandfather's estate

throw in a kid dying of cancer for good measure...

and, there ya have it.

painfully shitty.

okay, i'm off!

ps. i just spent a full hour looking online for fabric that was red and purple. i'm now convinced that none exists. apparently i'm the only one who thinks this is a viable color combo. i'm envisioning it for a moulin rouge type blythe doll outfit that i've got in the works... and then i wonder where the hell all my time goes... lol.


  1. I was hearing it was INSANE outside the salon that K was at. 20 LA papz were there. Fucking people, I hate them. They are going to make it near impossible for any Rob run-ins. I wish I put in more effort while they were filming New Moon, Rob could at least walk around Downtown alone- I haven't seen one shot of Rob out and about.

  2. tracy --

    yep... totally sucks. it's definitely getting progressively worse for them. maybe now rob won't hold on to any resentment for NYC... his life is insane now, regardless of where he is.

    so, yeah, very different from when they were filming 'new moon'

    i'm no longer sure why i'm even coming up! but, ya know what, it was a SUPER cheap flight... i'm looking forward to sleeping, eating, drinking, hanging out with you... and doing nothing!

    but, if you think of anything else good and touristy that i should do... lmk! looks like i'll have time! hehe