Sunday, August 16, 2009

the longest, hottest day EVER! and... more photos from saturday night...

omg, of course leslie, ross, moe and i decide to go to central park on the freaking HOTTEST day of the year.


we walked for like 20 blocks... which, normally, wouldn't be THAT big of a deal... but, add 90 degree heat and two large and heavy bags full of crap... you get the idea! not fun!

i took a TON of photos today and it's going to take me forever to go through them... but, i promise to put a few up here in addition to putting them all up on flickr.

(for those people who only know me from the twilight world, i also collect really photogenic and super expensive dolls from japan... i'm kind of kooky!)

it was a good day despite the insane heat. we saw turtle pond... which is so filled with scum that we're not entirely sure there's any water in there...

we saw belvedere castle...

we grazed on lunch at the sheep meadow...

i took a pic of some guy's ass crack... (i'll HAVE to post that one)

so, good stuff.

but, i'm ready for fall. seriously. no more 90 degrees please.

ANYWAY, on to the day's bigger news... more robsten concert stuff. (i've now typed that word so many times that i'm getting to the point where i don't vomit a little in my mouth at the sheer stupidity of the term)

more photos from the concert as well as from after the concert...

so, this is a little brighter than the one i posted before. if you look you can see she's got her fingers on his face...

as someone who was already a believer, this is, in my opinion, the best picture from last night.

it's very cute.

even if you hate kristen, give her this much -- whatever rob was saying to you, you wouldn't, couldn't, roll your eyes at him... but, she can and does! i assume that probably holds some appeal for someone who is fawned upon by the rest of the world.

at a bar after the concert...

anyway, that's about all i have for right now...

i'm anxious to look through my pictures from today and i'm also trying to be conscience of the fact that i have to get up early tomorrow for a work appointment in priceton...

PLUS, i still need to try to fix my damn fax machine.



  1. LOVE IT. If I weren't sick, I'd be drinking!

  2. I made a juicy comment and my hands slid that I clicked on newer post instead of post comment! F#%$%!

    I'll be back.