Wednesday, August 19, 2009

whew worst of the week over! ; kristen in dazed & confused; jackson & kellan in van; obsessed

tuesday -- check

things are looking up -- somewhat!

i've managed to get my damn fax machine working... which, ridiculous as it sounds, is a major weight off my shoulders!

and, today is through... after today, the rest of the week will be quite pleasant!

not that today was horrible for any real reason other than the WEATHER.

it is so ludicrously hot in new york today. it should only be allowed to get this hot on tropical islands... not overly crowded, stank smelling islands like manhattan.

there's nothing i dread more than nyc bookstore appointments on seriously hot days. basically, my appointments involve trudging from store to store with a bag full of catalogs/books... heavy stuff. not fun to do on a normal day... almost deadly on days like today.

so, yeah, i was totally nasty and gross all day and it sucked! i also forgot something work related that i meant to bring along with me... which caused a slight problem... but, i managed.

did get to have lunch with some of my favorite bookstore people in the world... the owner of drama bookshop in nyc and her assistant. they're both incredibly smart and interesting ladies... so, hanging with them is always fun.

the rest of my week will be spent in my home office. basically, i've just finished selling our fall books and now i'll start preparing to sell the winter titles.

before i actually start selling, there's a couple of weeks of prep work... reading catalogs, mailing catalogs to buyers, scheduling appointments. not to mention figuring out where i'm going to store the 4 boxes of new catalogs which just arrived at my doorstep.

i've also got some other things on the agenda for this week... i'd like to try to see 'district 9' tomorrrow... i've heard good things.

and... i'm trying to make progress on the mass flickr photo backup. the files are all moved... they have been for weeks. but they're saved with gibberish names and i couldn't find anything in there if i tried. organizing 11,000 photos into files is going to take a LONG time. i'm starting to see slight progress... but, lots left to do.

and, though i've said this before and not followed through with it, i'm thinking i might start rereading the twilight series again this weekend. we'll see if i find the time.

i put a ban on my rereading them just before the movie came out last november... it seemed the best thing to do for my sanity... (prior to that i'd been rereading them on a pretty constant basis for 6 months... yes, yes, i need to seek help).

in actuality, it's odd that i'm even following the movie thing at all... b/c it really is the books i like and not the movie... (which, in all honesty, i can't say i much cared for!)

anyway, i am rambling, as usual... i always sit down to write this when i'm exhausting and my brain is no longer functioning!

not all that much of interest in the light of twi today... but, a few things.

scans of kristen's interview with 'dazed and confused' -- you can actually read the article if you click to view the full size version... it's pretty good.

scans from kristen stewart fan -- check out their site!

i saved this one just b/c the color is better...

a couple of random shots of jackson and kellan on the streets of van today... glad to see they're both looking all cleaned up and ready for filming...

kristen in van yesterday... supposedly going in for wig fittings...

on my continued quest to watch every awful movie ever made...



i really should have given this only 2 stars... it needed to be just a little bit WORSE in order to have been so bad to be good..

i don't think that i'm giving too much away if i say the last 20 minutes or so of the movie is a hysterical bitch fight between beyonce and the blonde girl... i actually did get a couple of laugh out loud moments from the fight... which is why i ended up going with the 3 stars

all in all though, it is a pretty dumb and campy...

okay, that's it from here!

have a good wednesday!


  1. The Drama Bookshop is the best bookstore ANYWHERE! My very favorite...and has been forever!

  2. I forgot to say how much I LOVE your banner! It is the best!

  3. i still don't like her after reading that article!

  4. thanks roz! aimee (froggymonkey) made the banner for me! she's awesome! i have ZERO talent when it comes to stuff like that!

    aw, leslie, i think she comes across at okay in the article... she doesn't say anything bad.. ?