Wednesday, August 5, 2009

happy wednesday!

the work week is officially half over... i know, i work from home, i have no reason to complain... but, i'm looking forward to friday none the less.

so, more photos are beginning to emerge from vancouver.

turns out i was wrong, taylor lautner did indeed put in an appearance in van this week.. supposedly in and out.

here's a shot of taylor and nikki hanging out in downtown van

the photos were taken by a fan who just happened to be in the right place at the right time...

if you'd like to see more, visit -- taylor and nikki at twilight gossip

today seems to be taylor day... as robsten are MIA... (and, possibly, together? )

anyway, so, yep, more taylor (even though i still can't bring myself to really give a damn about him...)

there's a taylor feature in the august 09 issue of 'interview'

this is a decent shot of him, i think...

if you care to see more of the puppy, visit taylor lautner daily

apparently there was fight training today for some of the cullen family members including peter, elizabeth and ashley. here are some photos of them en route:

tracy -- look at the concrete elizabeth and ashley are walking on... i think this confirms what you said to me earlier about the locale. but, again, you know better than i.

i've officially decided that peter is the only male in the twilight series that i find even remotely appealing, aside from you know who...

oh, whilst i remember, i wanted to come right out and apologize for the fact that i've begun using the odious terms kstew and robsten

i really do not approve of these mushed together terms... but, now that i can't simply upload photos to flickr quickly and cut and paste labels on everything, time must be conserved however possible!

oh, so, another day another bad movie seen.



i'd actually like to give this 2 stars... but, i try to be generous with movies that i should never have watched to begin with.

see, melissa doesn't like movies where people are dressed up in action hero costumes. it's just not my thing...

and, then, i start paying only partial attention to the movie... which makes me enjoy it even less.

so, for me, this is really 2 stars but i give it the benefit of the doubt and add another one on!

basically it's about a bunch of superheros who are no longer allowed to practice their craft despite the fact that the world is in a really shitty way...

when one of their friends (also a former superhero) is killed, they reunite to try to figure out what the fuck is going on.

and... yeah, whatever. who cares.

another reason why this movie upsets me terribly is that it's yet another entry into the "really fucking awful movies that patrick wilson did instead of appearing in a broadway musical" file

patrick is an amazing singer and one of my all time fave broadway performers... and he hasn't done a musical in forever. (the craptastic phantom of the opera movie does NOT count).

anyway, i'm ranting, enough... just indulge me on one more little thing --

i know pretty much everyone reading is aware that i have a flickr with doll pix... but, i wanted to
share this one anyway since this was one of my all time most desired dolls... that i finally got after months and months of lusting!

if you're not a doll person, it's hard to believe, but this doll often sells for something like $3000. i wound up getting mine for $700. she was in used condition and i had to fix her up... but, it's still the deal of the century!

okay, i think that's it for today.

tomorrow is going to suck. i have to get up early to have a phone appointment with a customer... the appointment will probably take all of 20 minutes... so, it's incredibly annoying to have to get up specifically for it. (again, i know, i should have some real problems!)

and, after that, i get to experience the joy of a visit to the sadistic gyno... (nothin special, just 6 mo checkup)... tmi, i know.

anyway, so, yep, may thursday fly by quickly for me... and for you. (unless your thursday will be better than mine... in which case i hope you get to savor it!)


ps. in case you missed it on twitter, today i saw a license plate which read VAJYNAH. oy vey.


  1. ugh. i hate the kstew/robsten terms too :P where did that come from in the 1st place? the person needs to be found & tortured with rag mag paper cuts. ok-a little over dramatic but that's how much i hate combined names!

  2. lofl... i know, i agree. it's just that reading twitter so very much over the past month has started making me immune to them... so immune that i am using them.

  3. I hate to say it, but Taylor doesn't look THAT bad in that picture. (don't shoot!). If I was 17 I'd probably see the appeal and I might even be Team Jacob (don't shoot, again!. But I'm almost 22 and he's the same age as my brother and that just freaks me out. I don't know how these women who are 40+ can think Taylor is sexy-- it's so, so wrong.

  4. don't get me wrong... i agree, taylor is a good looking kid. it's me that's weird. i can admit that people are attractive... yet they don't attract me! i guess i just don't find all that many people aesthetically appealing!