Saturday, August 15, 2009

new twilight tonners -- amazon exclusives... and links to order the barbies

i actually just stumbled upon this info... i swear i haven't heard of these two tonners till now. have you?

all dolls are available for pre-order on amazon so i posted links for you!

out october 1st... 2 new tonners -- both are amazon exclusives

prom bella

order prom bella here

prom edward

order prom edward here

and, some additional pix of the barbie/ken bella/edward

bella barbie

order bella barbie here

edward ken

order edward ken here


  1. thanks for uploading, mells ;)
    i admit i'm not a dolls person, barbies i like in a way ...
    prom bella, sorry, has a much too angular (don't know if this word is adequat) forehead. barbie bella looks much nicer ...

  2. i think the barbie version looks better.

  3. I only like Barbie Bella, the hair and hte pants are perfect.