Sunday, August 9, 2009

sunday slump... !

why do sundays invariably suck?

just too much to do today and not enough energy!

trying to pack crap for tomorrow's business trip to boston... so, of course, i can't find a thing! now i've got multiple post its full of things that i should go out and buy... somehow i started stealing stuff out of the "travel" toiletry bag that i keep fully stocked at all times. i guess july was so busy that rather than go out and buy new shampoo and stuff, i just stole from the travel bag. lol.

so, yeah, that's a pain in the ass.

also missing one clothing item that i wanted to bring with me... oh well, i'll have to do without it.

there are so many black holes in my existence. shit is constantly getting sucked into them. i'm just a mess.. i guess that's the problem. everything i own is thrown in one big pile. it's not a pretty sight.

usually, i deal with this just fine... but, on the occasional sunday afternoon when shit needs to be accomplished... it becomes a problem.

oh well, enough with the sob story.

last night was fun.

had really good thai food in the city and then went to see rp's friend sam bradley in concert.

sam has a very good voice (better than bobby and rob, IMO). but, at the same time, i liked his music the least... if that makes any sense. the songs were just less my style and i found my mind wandering through the show.

regardless, if you care, i taped it. especially b/c my friend laura, who was originally supposed to be joining us, couldn't be there.

here's one of the videos (a song which will likely be familiar to you), if you go to my youtube, you can see the rest.

i had just about all i could have to drink and still be okay to drive home. no, i wouldn't drive drunk... but, at the end of the evening i could feel my head starting to be a tiny bit wobbly... so, it's good that it was then time to go.

so, while we're on the somewhat twi related stuff... i guess the last time i updated was earlyish friday night...

well, rp/ks made another appearance on friday night... this time at marcus foster's gig... here's a departure shot...

yesterday was more of the same... rp/ks still holed up in LA... they had lunch together which was fraught with typical paparazzi insanity... here's a video of their separate arrival and departure from lunch...

there are also some photos of the lunchtime rendezvous

in other light of twi news, jackson and nikki returned to LA from van yesterday... presumably to attend today's kids choice awards

last night in LA (i know it's hard to keep track, so, this would be after the saturday lunch), rob was spotted by paps again... this time attending marcus's 2nd LA show... and this time sans kristen

so, that brings us up to date... it's currently sunday and the TCA are happening today at 5 PM PST

they won't be aired on television till tomorrow, monday. they'll be on fox during prime time. here in new york they air at 8 pm.

which brings us to another problem in my own personal world of crazy...

tomorrow at 8 pm i'll be in boston having dinner with a bunch of colleagues...

and, unfortunately, at 31 years of age, i don't think "i can't make dinner b/c i have to watch the teen choice awards" is an acceptable excuse...

so, i came up with this zany idea of asking the hotel i'm staying at if i could borrow a VCR... lol. after all, it's a conference center as well so they must have some AV equipment.

my friend christina, who is an excellent problem solver and doesn't mind making strange phone calls, asked the hotel for me and it looked like a no go...

but, then the concierge guy was like... "well, if you are DRIVING... why not just bring your OWN VCR..."

i don't know why i didn't think of that! i have several crappy old VCRs hanging around the house... i can totally toss one into the car!

so, that's the plan. bringing my own VCR up to boston and hopefully taping the awards from 8 to 10 and then rewinding and watching them when i'm home from my work function.

as if we needed any more evidence that i have some serious mental issues...

let's see... what else... i'm feeling lazy so here are just some bullet points...

  • picked up the september glamour 'ladies of twilight' issue. jessica simpson is on the cover. definitely worth buying. nice photos (though, i've already posted them here!)
  • hating france today. well, not all of france just one annoying asshole who won two dolls from me on ebay and then refused to pay for them... saying i was charging to much for shipping! did they READ the listing? i clearly state several times in my auction description WHAT the overseas shipping charges are and WHY. after a bad past ebay experience (which was with another annoying fucker from france!), i ONLY ship via express mail to international people. it's the only method that is guaranteed and insurable. so, now i have to file a damn claim with ebay to get this moron in trouble and i have to relist the dolls. major pain in the ass.
  • tons of annoying mosquito bites as a result of yesterday's photo session in the park across the street. am officially done with summer. bring on the fall.
  • looking forward to getting together with jenny couture this week in boston! glad to be incorporating some fun and games into my work week there!
okay, i should go... i have so much i need to be doing and this blog entry is just another form of procrastination.

i'll probably update again later tonight if photos from the TCA emerge...



ps. uploading random photos here w/o comments is annoying. once again, damn TPTB at flickr. here are a couple of shots from earlier this week when kristen's mom was driving her around to appts in la

proof that she can still look nice with the black hair... (even though i'm personally keeping fingers crossed that she shows up at TCA tonite with a stylishly short RED 'do!)


  1. Rob has perfected the hand in hair while smiling a devilish grin pose. I like the way kstew has styled her hair! Looks very cool.

  2. And that comment was supposed to be under the teen choice awards post! lol! This post kind of freaks me out. The paparazzi stuff disturbs me.