Saturday, August 15, 2009

time traveler's wife

first off, can we all take a minute to admire my KICK ASS new blog banner?

if you know me, you know there is no way in hell that i made it myself!

the banner was made by my amazing friend aimee who is SO talented! and, she didn't kill me when i kept asking for ridiculous little changes as only i can... !

but, i LOVE it. it's totally perfect! so, thank you SO much aimee!

so, what else did i love?

i loved the time traveler's wife

i'm telling you, this has been SUCH a weird week

i went in fully expecting to hate this...

i adored the book. but, i also read the book 6 months before it's hardcover release... and, for the most part (aside from a certain series that shall remain nameless) i don't reread books much...

so, it's been a LONG time since i read this... years at least.

but, i still had this feeling that the movie was going to be terrible and make me really angry

well, i was wrong.

i cried so much that i cannot even put it into words

and, i'm NOT the kind of person who cries ridiculous at movies and plays and such... in fact, i hate people who do

by the end of this, i got to a point where my crying was ugly and nearly audible!

and, when i left, my shirt was WET. like really WET

so, i thought it was perfect.

yeah, i'll admit that the story is cheesy... but, i loved the book and i loved the movie.

part of me wonders if the reason why i was able to enjoy the movie was b/c i'm now distanced from the book... that's entirely possible.

i think that might be why i've enjoyed the more recent harry potter movies more than i enjoyed the earlier ones.

(and, who knows, maybe that's why i didn't really like twilight as a movie... oh, yeah, if you're new to "my world" you might have the impression that i liked 'twilight' the movie... in actuality, i really didn't... i'm somehow obsessed with it all, the books, the movies, the people... but, let's make this clear, i thought that, as a movie, 'twilight' was pretty bad!)

okay, it's kind of late and my eyes literally HURT from crying during the movie.

so, i think i'm done typing.

have an AWESOME saturday!


ps. the twi (or shall we call them the "new moon" or should we call them the "eclipse") cast is out having dinner together in vancouver right now. so, pix to follow shortly... apparently the paps are on the scene!


  1. That is a pretty awesome banner, BB!

  2. thanks Melissa! hope you saw the interview Rachel did with John Stewart, it was hysterical! I Tweeted it. She blew the ending. She's so cute though. Love the banner.

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  4. the banner is really beautiful!! thanks aimee ;)

    melissa, 5 stars for the movie then?
    how did you like "p.s. i love you"? i find it really cheesy, but nevertheless loved watching it. are they comparable in some way?

    hope your eyes got opportunity to rest over night ;))

  5. yeah! glad you like the banner :) it was my fave of the bunch too.

  6. oh god, i'm planning on seeing this movie next weekend. i guess i'll have to bring a box of kleenex with me? when i read the book i was bawling at the end of it. but glad to know it really was good. i haven't read the book in a year or so... i hope i love the movie!

  7. Hahah so that's Melissa's movie rating from now on... "dry shirt' is no stars, 'wet shirt' is two thumbs up?