Wednesday, August 26, 2009

midnite, it's technically wednesday, and i'm NOT in a good mood.

so, here we are on tuesday night into wednesday and melissa is NOT in a good mood.

here's where you get to know the real me.

i am often fun and funny...

but, i am also often miserable and whiny.

i tend to have various medical maladies on a daily basis... the one of which bothers me the most are my ongoing stomach issues.

they'd been in remission for SOME time now and have started bugging me the past week.

however, today, they were so bad that i am almost wondering if i have some sort of stomach virus rather than just my basic IBS woes.

so, as of right now, i have no idea what is up. i just know that i feel awful.

hopefully it goes away soon... as i have no time to be ill.

i have 3 trips and tons of work in the coming weeks.

i have an appointment in the city tomorrow afternoon that i'd really like NOT to have to reschedule.

i guess i'll just have to play it by ear and hope for the best...

being relaxed and hopeful are NOT easy things for me to achieve.


today was a day full of planning.

the schedule for the toronto intl film festival was finally released and i made my selections.

tomorrow my awesome friend judy up in canada is going to drop off my sheet with my picks.

i'm really looking forward to going up there, seeing some movies and meeting all the toronto area blythe girls!

annoyingly, even though i thought all planning for the vancouver trip was DONE, it looks like there may be more planning to do there after all...

sam bradley is now playing just hours before i get into town... soooooooo, we'll see what the hell i can do about that. i'm going to try to fly in a bit earlier... as long as they don't ask for my eyes or toes in return for a change of flight.

what else do i have to complain about?

oh, twitter hasn't really been working all that much today... so, that was an additional annoyance.

anyway, enough of my sob story...

the following fab ew comicon shots did just emerge... so, that's positive. :-)

and one more random old rob...

keep your fingers crossed for me that i feel better manana!


ps -- doll peeps -- i have 4 blythe girls on ebay under my seller id mag1978 -- also a bunch of good doll clothes on plastic pardise in the sundries section... check them out!


  1. awhhy.... hopefully it's just stress and you can get rid of those stomach woes soon with some rest and sleep! hope for your best @ your appt tomorrow/today!

    and yeah, visiting Toronto! Judy

  2. I... have no words. Just excitement. That is all.


  3. Aw, that sucks about your stomach issues. Have you had an ultrasound to make sure it's not an ulcer? I had stomach problems when I was 16 and they told me it was IBS... turned out to be an ulcer which eventually bled so badly that I ended up in the hospital and had to have two blood transfusions!!

    Another trip to Vancouver?!?! I might be interested...

  4. yeah... i've had this for a long time and i've had ALL the tests... unfortunately, and fortunately, there's nothing else wrong with me... i just kind of have to live with it.... which sucks!