Sunday, August 9, 2009

teen choice awards pix!

this is pretty fantastic...

rob fully wore his friend marcus foster's shirt to the teen choice awards today.

the shot to the right of rob is marcus wearing the same exact shirt LAST NIGHT

thankfully, it DOES appear that the shirt has been at least ironed... and, if they had the hotel iron it, chances are they had the hotel wash it too. so, that makes it better...

at least rob had something "new" to wear to the red carpet as opposed to one of his 5 other shirts... which we've all seen 100 times!

Pix From Inside the Awards Show

Teen Choice Awards - 8.9.09

I think Rob, Kristen and Taylor look good. Ashley herself looks gorgeous. The outfit is horrid.


  1. Kristin looks HOT! I love that dress.

  2. on the contrary, it screams; "Don't come any near or I'll prick yo a thousand times with my emo skirt."

    All the other kids cleaned up well. Kristen is a beauty no matter what you do to her hair, no matter how awkward the moment or her feeling is. She'll grow to be a good looking woman. I like her coz she just doesn't care. No top brand items, no fancy nothing. Good start.

  3. Kristen are really beautiful and sweet! In the last pics she was in a really bad mood, exhausted, whathever.
    Rob always looks gorgeous and smiling and shinning... but now that I have 30 year old he makes me feel like an ancient! Only 23??? Oh my! That's why I love Peter! Thank God I'm not the only old one!!!
    Ok, some time soon I'll be back to real life, promise! hehe

  4. I like Kirsten's outfit but I'd be very afraid to sit down in it, wouldn't want to get stabbed with one of those spikey things. I agree Ashley is gorgeous here but the dress isn't sophisticated enough for her.

  5. Jackson's length of hair now is exactly the length i like on boys, oh man he is looking good! :P
    ~annina (anninaislove on flickr)

  6. ok so kristen's face looks really cute and pretty here, i'll give her that. but her hair is absolutely fucking horrendous! she would be better off with a wig from st mark's!

  7. i'm looking forward to watching this on tv tomorrow night...

    but, i don't think they get all that much air time! at the end they have all the twilight folks up and they accept 11 awards at once.

    i think everyone looks pretty decent though... no real train wrecks other than ashley's dress.

    this poor cast, they all have to be up early tomorrow to fly back to vancouver from la...

    so, there will definitely be new photos from the airports tomorrow!

  8. Kristen's outfit is fuckin' awesome!

  9. I love that one shot of Rob and Megan Fox (looking at the camera) that's one couple that oozes sex. Not that they are a couple, but if they were- holy crap.

    They all looked adorable! Even though Ashley looked like she forgot her top haha.

    PS! Rob's on his way here to Vancouver, I don't think I can handle this!!