Monday, October 5, 2009

so, guess what, i think i'm done w/ this...

hola all,

so, i think i'm done w/ the blog.

it was a nice idea but not entirely feasible for me... i do like having a place to bitch and moan... but, it takes up too much time.

honestly, with the exception of the first few days, updating felt like a chore.

and, i set out to replace the fun we all had over on twitter commenting on the twi pix... and, this honestly isn't the right venue for a replacement.

commenting on here is sluggish, you have to have an account, you have to type stupid verification stuff... it's not easy for people.

and, as a result, very few of my flickr peeps followed me over and actually commented. but, i get it, i'd be the same way.

anyway, the fact that i've not been home for ages has helped me to realize that i seriously don't have the time for it.

that said, if you are a twilight fan, i'd be happy to recommend a way for you to keep up -- it's a great little place called twitter.

honestly, do not be afraid of twitter -- it's your friend.

i am not a fan of facebook.

i am not a fan of myspace.

twitter is nothing like that. you can totally just sign up, never say anything, but use it to "follow" various news outlets.

there are MANY reliable twilight news outlets on twitter.

so, if you're interested, just contact me (if you are reading this, you know where to find me... ) and i'll happily recommend some people for you to "follow" on twitter.

follow 1, 2, or 3 of them, check your twitter every day for new posts, and you'll be all caught up on twi news.

so, that's all folks.

who knows, i'll keep this here in case i ever feel like it again.. but, i doubt it.




  1. melissa, i'm really sorry that you quit here, although i do understand your reasons. i'm not a great twitter fan. it's not the appropriate place for your witty and funny posts as well as your movie reviews.
    anyway take care!

  2. BOOOOOOOOOO. Hahaha, nah I'm kidding, I understand. I blog too and it's hard, REALLY hard sometimes. But it's okay, since we are IRL friends now we have better ways to communicate =)

  3. Ohh such bad new, but i do understand too! I am not a twitter fan either so i will try to find others blogs of twilight, even if I liked your comments about movies, and your trips! It was just too interesting... Anyway you still have flickr! ;-)
    Take care!

  4. yup
    it was way funner when you can post yaps about Twi and movie reviews at Flickrs.
    Flickr sucks!

    Blogging is dead. I agree.