Thursday, September 3, 2009

dude... not much new.. but, 4 day weekend -- yipee!

hey kids,

not all that much new!

spent this week plugging away at work... got a bunch more appointments made, started mailing out winter 2010 catalogs... (2010... can't even believe it!)

really looking forward to the long weekend... lots of plans!

tomorrow, friday, night i'll be celebrating my friend jo-lin's bday... she's turning the big 3-0... nevermind that she still looks 12!

and, then, hopefully, i'll be picking up my friend melissa at the airport late tomorrow night :-)

she's coming in from texas to go on saturday's massive NJ shopping spree with me!

melissa works for an airline so she gets perks like nice inexpensive flights... makes things like going to NY to shop an okay thing to do!

so, looking forward to her visit, all the spending i plan to do saturday, and also to having some good fast food in NJ too... they have both sonic and chik-fil-a there... i've never had either! (none in NY)

and... on monday, i need to take a whole bunch of doll pix since i'll be away, and neglecting my girls, for weeks after that... i need to stock up on photos to have some new things to update to flickr! lol.

not much going on in the world of twi either...

they've been shooting in studio for the past few days... so, no photos.

a new image from new moon has emerged... a jacob free one for a change... heh.

wonder if this the birthday morning or after italy...... ?

i do have some movielog updates... :-)



Earth was great... really amazing/beautiful.

Also really sad b/c the whole "circle of life" stuff with one animal chasing and attacking another and animals starving and becoming separated from their families makes me very sad!

my sister, who is a real animal lover, left like 20 minutes into this b/c she couldn't take it anymore.

and, before she left she yelled at me for not being a vegetarian. (she is).

anyway, good, sad, interesting...



I was really looking forward to this... b/c I like Diego and Gael (don't ask why, but my sister named our dog after Diego Luna)... but, the movie was boring for the most part.

It's the story of two Mexican men who get a shot at big league soccer... Both jump at the chance to escape small town rural life... and, unfortunately, it doesn't turn out quite as expected for either.

Not terrible... just slow and ultimately kinda pointless.

tonite's film is 'State of Play' with Russel Crowe, Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams... will report back.

now go and have an awesome weekend!


ps. next week we go on location to the toronto film festival (yes, i'm going!)


  1. Oh, we are so going to Chick-fil-a.

  2. I guess I'm late, glad you'll have fun times with friends.

    goodnite, Mel. I'm still bummed that we have to swerve out of flickr to view your movie reviews and twi updates.

    Yes 2010 is fast approaching. It still hasn't hit me hard.