Sunday, September 20, 2009

why the hell am i updating at 5:30 am... ?

greetings all,

had a great saturday here in new york -- the weather was gorgeous and i spent the day trekking about the city with friends.

the awesome jenny, a blythe friend from boston, was visiting ny so we got together for lunch and a bit of shopping.

i'd already gotten into sonny angels from jenny and pamela's adorable pix... but, actually seeing jenny's in person again today made me want more of them... so, we journeyed to urban outfitters in search of them... we happily found some... which were for display only... since the store was sold out of the marine series. but, we convinced them to sell us the display models... which were actually glued down... but, glue is no obstacle to crazy doll people.

so, i now have 8... but, something tells me that i'll get more at some point in the future. i still need one that's head looks like poop.

anyway, this is the current sonny angel family!

we also went to this fantastic frozen yogurt place on bleecker where you get to make your own... even working the super fun machine and adding all the toppings yourself. the yogurt was way better than pinkberry and red mango too... gotta go back there again soon!

after that it was off to central park for some dolly pix... though, before that we searched for parking for about an hour... ridiculous!

leslie has pix of us at the park... will steal that from her for a future post!

finished the day off by seeing 'after miss julie' on broadway...

in all honesty, i found the play to be kinda lame and boring it's all dated social status stuff... household staff and their relationships with 'the master and mistress' of the estate

but, i will say that i was very pleasantly surprised by sienna miller...

i've seen a LOT of bad stage acting from well known screen actresses in recent years... julia roberts, julianne moore and katie holmes all gave craptastic bway performances over the past few seasons

sienna miller was terrific. i didn't cringe once during the entire evening.

it's too bad that in real life she's a skank!

the play also stars johnny lee miller... he's done a lot of indie movies over the years... and he used to be married to angelina jolie way back when. i've always enjoyed him... very easy on the eyes! and, he was quite good as well.

rounding out the cast is marin ireland who is fantastic... have thought so ever since i saw her in 'the ruby sunrise' at the public theater years ago.

so, all in all, not the greatest show ever but we had awesome seats in the 7th row that we got really inexpensively. well worth it!

okay, light of twi updates... in order of interestingness.

rob spotted out and about on friday night. attended a private party in vancouver and papped on way back in to hotel in the rain...

i'm a fan of wet rob. note -- he's wearing those same blue pants that are falling apart... and at least 4 layers on top...

also some additional set photos have emerged...

rob on set today, saturday... it's a shame the photo isn't better quality... our skinny boy almost looks as if he might be getting somewhat muscular. though, honestly, it doesn't matter to me either way!

peter on set today, and earlier this week...

some new 'new moon' images...

yet another outtake from "the shoot that will never die"

not that i'm really complaining since they're great photos...

okay, some movielog stuff!



Eh... Nothing special.

Brit from a reserved family brings his new American bride-with-a-past to meet the family.

Shockingly enough she receives a chilly reception and trouble ensues.

How did Jessica Beil get famous? She's so nothing special.

She sings a few songs on the soundtrack of this.... poorly.

Odd that Ben Barnes and Colin Firth are both in this and that it arrived to me via netflix the same week that I saw them both in 'Dorian Gray' at TIFF.

Speaking of odd coincidences....



Well, the odd coincidence is that this DVD came in the mail the same day that I saw Sienna Miller in a play.

Apparently the story behind this movie is that it was made in 2007 and was supposed to be a theatrical release.

Guess that it never wound up in theaters... for one reason or another... as tends to happen sometimes.

So, I didn't have very high hopes and was quite pleasantly surprised.

It's a silly little tale with some darkly comic supernatural type bits.

And, to take the crazy coincidences even FURTHER, it was filmed in ontario, which i just left, and the end of the movie was all shot at the canadian side of niagara falls... which i just visited.

okay, it's literally 5:30 am and i have no idea why the fuck i'm still awake.

i had all these plans for my sunday and now i'm just going to sleep the entire damn thing away...

i really need to start packing for vancouver... since i won't have much time, if any, to do that during the week...

i also kinda meant to take that damn online point reducing DMV course... but, i doubt if i'm going to be able to do the entire 6 hours manana... we shall see.

okay, i'm off to spend a great many hours in dreamland!



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  1. you definitely need one with a poop head! So glad we were able to meet up! I had a blast! xoxo