Thursday, September 10, 2009

just a few short hours till i leave for tiff, robsten spotted shopping together in vancouver, set update

hi all,

whew, 1 am thursday morning and i'm done packing for tiff.

even got 9 dolls dressed and settled in their carrier for the toronto doll meet -- yay!

got my appointments done today... thought i was going to have tons of time to kill between the 2 but i actually didn't. 1st appointment took longer than expected and then got stuck in ridiculous traffic while driving to 2nd appointment.

why ridiculous traffic?

that'd be b/c i drove right THROUGH the set for sex and the city 2. they were filming a scene out on the street with miranda (cynthia nixon) walking.

i just drove by so i really only saw her for a split second.

but, they had TONS of security, tons of COPS controlling and directing traffic and lots and lots of fans watching.

definitely crazier than the RM sets... though, makes me wonder why they didn't have at least one or two cops to protect rob from the crazies at NYU... since i think he was def in more danger than cynthia nixon... lol.

anywhoooo, this time we'll start with twi updates...

first, some fans spotted kristen and rob shopping together in a thrift store in van... which is, of course, pretty amusing as they both dress like hobos 97% of the time. of course they'd be shopping in a thrift store.

here's a shot from the thrift store.

there are also photos of kristen, elizabeth and nikki out walking in vancouver again... they did some shopping and stopped at dominos.

because the people at punked images in vancouver are assholes, i apparently will get shut down if i post the photos.

normally, i'd ignore such warnings... but, various other twilight sites DID get shut down today. so, since i just moved here, best not to test those waters... tho, in all likelihood, i'm not important enough to be noticed.

anyways, to see the photos of kristen, nikki and elizabeth:

click here

today, wednesday, there was more on location shooting in vancouver.

it's reported that rob, kristen, taylor and the humans were all on set.

however, the set was tightly under wraps so, no worthwhile pix.

LITERALLY under wraps... lol. this is from today:

rumored that they were filming the scene where jacob comes to school to see bella... we'll see if any better pix emerge.

okay, the only other agenda item is that i am SUPER fucking behind on movielog entries. so, let's get that taken care of quickly!



Wallander is a BBC miniseries which aired on PBS here in the US earlier this summer. I missed it so wound up watching it on Netflix.

So far, I'm through 2 of the 3 parts... Part 1 and 2 are on Disc 1... I have a 2nd disc on the way.

It's been interesting... but, not riveting.

Basically, Wallander is a detective with a messed up personal life who's out solving murders... Each part is about 90 minutes.

I love Ken Branagh... So, I'll watch him in anything

This series reminds me a bit of another UK show -- Rebus -- which starred another of my favorites -- John Hannah.



I'm really not a fan of Russel Crowe but I enjoyed this way more than I expected to.

Lots of twists and turns... Didn't know what was going to happen till the very end. Affleck plays a US senator whose mistress is murdered.

Really do like Rachel McAdams. Hellen Mirren had nothing to do in this movie... which is kinda sad b/c she's so good.



Totally random, right? Lol.

I moved this up in my list b/c of one my favorite 'History Boys' is in this...

What I guess I forgot was that he was like 12 in this... lol. He's hot now... At like 30... But, watching him at 12 is just creepy lol.

But, the movie is cute... I mean, it's The Secret Garden... you know what happens! Nicely done though.



I adore Emily Watson. She should be so much more famous than she is. Her performance in Hilary and Jackie was superb.

Anyway, enjoyed this one. It's strange, quirky, a bit slow in parts...

Adam Sandler plays a hapless guy with anger an family issues who meets a woman (Watson) who somewhat inexplicably gets him and falls for him.



Eh, not really sure I cared for this.

The plot was somewhat ridiculous.

Video store employee falls for spooky loner girl who rents porn every day.

When it becomes clear she has lots of psychological isssues going on, he falls harder. Pursues her endlessly...

No normal guy would be that into such a creepy chick.

Anyway, her story is that she was abused as a kid...

Overall just weird and dull rather than emotional and endearing.

Will say that Jason Ritter is quite cute and really a very good actor. Saw him do a play in NYC and was very impressed.

So, that's it for today.

Thursday night in NYC is Bobby Long at Arlene's Grocery.. I'll try to maybe post some pix late tomorrow night before I leave on Friday morning.

Will be driving to Toronto bright and early on Friday.

I'm seeing 13 movies in 5 days.

I might not be able to update from there... we shall see. If not, expect a whole LOT of reviews by the end of next week.

Stay out of trouble and have a good one!


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  1. Wow that's a lot of movies to refer to!

    I'll be right back!

    I want you to know I appreciate all the things you're sharing here to us your followers.

    I wouldn't have known any of these if not of you. like what they said: "You 're a one-stop-shop!"

    You rock!