Tuesday, September 8, 2009

pre-tiff frenzy, robsten under seige in vancouver, and some cars...

hey all,

hope your tuesday was good!

i actually forgot it WAS tuesday for 1/2 of the day... i was all ready to watch jon and kate tonight and then got stuck with the holy rolling duggar family instead... if you're not familiar with the duggar family they are religious zealots from arkansas with 18 children... and, sadly, they're not through yet. mamma duggar just announced that she's pregnant with child #19. while i'm not religious, i should say that their religious fervor is not the ONLY problem i have with the duggars (though, i'll admit i don't get religious fervor).

they do plenty of other shit that pisses me off too... with the religious fervor comes an inherent sexism... the dad won't LET the girls or the mom cut their hair... it has to be long, really long.. also, all the girls, and the mom, have to wear long skirts at all times.

of course, if you ASK the mom and the girls, they'll tell you that this is the way that they want it too... and that they're not being forced.


in today's episode, which i watched against my will, the family goes bowling... and of course, the boys are all in jeans... and the girls are all in skirts. ugh.

anyway, the family is just a fucking mess. they make a big deal out of how they are so great to have 18 kids in today's economy and be self sufficient... but, they do it by making their kids employees... they wear 15th hand shoes that cost 37 cents at the thrift store...

i wouldn't brag about shit like that. better to just have 2 kids and give them all the attention and resources you have.

anyway, i digress... didn't mean to spend so much time on them... especially when i HAVE NO TIME

(leslie, you should have been there to tape me type THAT rant... i was typing faster than EVER and off the top of my head... !)

anyway, so, today i'm in a frenzy...

and, the frenzy won't stop for a while.

i had no energy all day long and when the energy finally kicked in after my late afternoon nap, i was already short on time.

i had to wait in a huge line at the post office to mail some doll stuff....

then i stopped at the tailor to drop off a bunch of new pants that need to be taken up. when you are 5 foot tall, even the SHORT length of pants is too long.

tonight i have to prepare for tomorrow's bookstore appointments... and, i really, really need to pack for TIFF too...

i have 2 appts in the city tomorrow and i know by the time i get home i''m going to be exhausted and it'll be dinner time...

thursday i have another appointment and am then rushing in to the city to see bobby long (friend of rp) play downtown

so, yeah, it's 11:15 pm on tuesday and i'm about to start packing for TIFF... we'll see how far i get...

i'm not entirely sure how people will dress there... so, gotta pack a bunch of different things.

haven't even started thinking about packing the dolls yet. god, SO much to do in the next 72 hrs. i can't beleive i didn't do more over this past long weekend... i'm not usually such a fucking slacker.

okay, i'm freaking out more just thinking about it so let me get to today's business and move on...

so, there was indeed the expected robsten sighting at bobby long's show in vancouver last night.

rob and kristen attended the show along with nikki reed, her boyfriend and elizabeth reaser.

nikki, nikki's bf and elizabeth mingled with the crowd. r&k were in full view, but hung back.

post show, robsten attacked by paparazzi... not surprising. they mostly managed to escape unharmed...

there's one disturbing 5 sec video of them arriving back at their hotel and literally running inside to escape the camera people...

oh well, what else is new... ? i mean, yeah, it sucks. but, in the twi world stuff like this becomes an all day long gripe/whine/moan fest amongst fans... and, mostly, that's b/c there isn't anything else major to talk about... and, mostly, it just amuses me.. it is what it is. talking about it incessantly ain't gonna change a damn thing.

(and, yet, hear i am blogging about it... ooooooh, i'm a hypocrite!)

anyway, so, here are a few pix

and, here's the scary running video...


don't know what it is but kristen looks really cute with the cap and the black hair. i like the look a lot.

anyway, so, that's it for that story

and, today, some of the cars for 'eclipse' were spotted out in vancouver... some pix of those --

you can see a bit of yellow under there... alice's porsche...

ok guys, off to pack my TIFF suitcase!

hav a great wednesday -- week will be 1/2 over soon enough!


ps. my evil blythe wanna-be is already on the way. so stoked!


  1. Ohhh the Duggars..making Arkansasans proud... wow..so lucky to have them aren't we?.. Yeah, NO. It's the craziest shit I've ever seen..I went to school at U of A Fayetteville..Good ole Northwest AR.. NWA home of the Duggars. I honestly never saw them while other friends would happen upon their house and take pics outside for the sheer weirdness that was the Duggarville in the middle of NWA.. Yeah, no one here even talks about it.. seriously. I don't care about their religious views..whatever ya want to do..but seriously, can we quit having kids now? Close your legs Mrs. Duggar..CLOSE YOUR LEGS.

  2. aw, i didn't even register that you were in arkansas. i have SUCH a poor concept of geography... i can literally identify about 5 states on a map of the US... not proud of that... but, it's the truth! lol. well, the entire state can't be held accountable for the duggars... they are most definitely a frightening anomaly!