Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i swear i'm not dead... just took a long weekend off!

hi all,

i hope you enjoyed your weekend -- those of us in the US had a nice long weekend... with an extra day on monday for labor day!

i had a fab weekend myself...

kicked it off on friday by celebrating my friend jo's bday... here are a few pix from that!

On Saturday, I took a massive shopping trip to NJ with my friend Melissa who was visiting from out of town... We then went in to NYC and did a bit of sightseeing!

I got a TON of crap at the mall. I'm thinking maybe I'll photograph some of it and post the pix... we'll see if i get to that!

On Sunday, I had a family barbeque with my visiting uncle, grandmother and grandfather...

And, today, Monday, was awesome... I've been meaning, for some time, to visit Sands Point Preserve on Long Island. I'd heard it was awesome and after visiting the website, I was intrigued... It always looked like a great place to take pix.

They close at 7:30 pm... and, this summer Leslie and Ross and I have been somewhat lazy about getting out early enough... since it's a bit of a drive from here (maybe 30 minutes northwest).

Anyway, we pulled it all together today, and thankfully they were open even though it was a holiday.

Turned out to be fantastic. Two amazing old buildings, beach, tons of park space... just really lovely and fab for taking pix. We had a great time and will definitely go back. One of the buildings is actually a museum and we were so busy taking photos outside that we never even went in... Oh well, next time... ! Here are few pix from there!

Took tons of amazing doll photos there as well... they'll be going up on flickr during the week!

I tried to collect some extra pix so I'll have stuff to upload while i'm away on my vacations!

So, the world of twi has been somewhat quiet... but, a few things popping up over the past few days!

We'll start with my fave of all... lol.

Peter Fachinelli is so so so amusing on twitter.

He attended a comicon type convention in Atlanta this weekend and was on the plane home next to Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk). Lou is apparently a great sport and posed for this hysterical pic.

Also we saw the release of some new 'New Moon' art over the past few days. It looks like these are going to be the posters sold in mass quantities by NECA.

Yesterday, Sunday, some Eclipse cast (and Nikki Reed's stankariffic bf Paris Latsis) were spotted taking a stroll in Vancouver.

And, this is another favorite... Some farm in Utah has varied up their Halloween corn maze by plowing Edward and Jacob into their fields... LOVE it! hehe.

And, finally, on a dolly note... This weekend I became a bit obsessed with this TERRIFYING fake blythe that showed up on Ebay.

There have been other Blythe clones popping up recently... And, they looked crappy, cheap, and hideous.

This one is actually very cool in my opinion! She's not even ugly... she just looks EVIL!

Looks like the kind of doll that'd try to kill you in your sleep... so, of course, I had to have one. She's on the way now. If she were cheaper, I'd have gotten all 4 models. But, as she is $150, and I am poor, I had to choose just one.

I hope she arrives quickly... I'd love to take her with me to Vancouver... ! lol. Evil Blythe needs to see the world!

Okay guys, that's it!

Just 3 more days till I leave for vacation in Toronto... Yipee!



ps. sorry for my delayed absence! i was trying to update at least every other day for a while there... but, apparently that became unrealistic! i'll try to do better!


  1. Those cornfields are amazing!

    I dont comment much, but i want to let you know that i really do appreciate the efford you put into this blog, my main source for Twi stuff ;-)
    And you were right before, i am hooked on the books now!!
    I read them in january after i saw the movie, and am reading them now again for the New Moon release. Which is only end of november here. I hate it that we have to wait so much longer!

    Have a good holiday in Toronto.


  2. welcome back, melissa ;) i appreciate reading your latest posting... have a nice holiday!

  3. Those pictures of K, N, E and Paris are so funny- I can't believe they were that close to me haha.

  4. I was at DragonCon this year and got to see Peter! I didn't wait in line to meet him, just saw him from afar! He was quite handsome! Here's a pic I took: http://www.flickr.com/photos/glamourfae/3899802145/