Sunday, September 13, 2009

first full day of TIFF, 4 movies! saw both michael douglas and matt damon 2day... really liked 'an education' !

another day at tiff done -- saw 4 movies today!

so, let's go in order from the morning



This is my favorite tiff move so far...

Carey Mulligan (who i saw on bway earlier this year in 'the seagull' which also starred Peter Sarsgaard who's in this too) is really just like... radiant. Her performance in this is amazing... And, supposedly, there's some talk of an Oscar nod... we'll see!

Anyway, Carey plays an intelligent schoolgirl in 1960s London with her sights set on Oxford. When an older man seduces her, bringing her to posh parties and showering her with pricey gifts, she veers off course... unsure of what's the right path for the future... the guy or the higher education she's been planning on for so long...

Peter Sarsgaard is good as well... I'm usually iffy on him... Some awesome performances, some bad ones. But, he's good in this.

Alfred Molina turns in a fantastic performance as the "father."

Definitely recommend this one...



Silly, campy, entertaining... not amazing. But fun.

Amanda Seyfried is the real star here... Not that I was even blown away by her performance... but, she's the one who carries the film... not Megan.

I'm not really a Megan Fox fan at all... but, she's perfectly cast here. It's a role she's capable of... She's far from an amazing actress... but, she works in this part.

Definitely think that Juno was a better written film (same screenwriter, Diablo Cody)...

Some fun gory effects... I'm a fan of blood and guts and all that jazz... especially the unrealistic kind that's in horror movies.

So, I recommend it. It's a nice little diversion. But, not one of the best horror flix ever made!

Juno I could watch over and over... this, no.



Seeing 'The Hole' was my first bad TIFF experience.

And, it had nothing to do with the quality of the movie... I was loving the movie.

First off, the movie was in 3D. And, it was in the old fashioned "in your face" 3D rather than the newer style "realD" which was used for 'coraline' and 'up' this year...

director of this is joe dante who's known for 80s flix like 'gremlins' and 'the explorers'

it's the story of 2 brothers who move into a new house with their mom... finding a gaping hole in their basement... which leads to all sorts of hellish horrors being released...

all i have to say is that there is a murderous courst jester puppet in this movie.

it's REALLY creepy for a kids movie. it's definitely PG-13 material... borderline more than that... there were really creepy moments. (but, no actual gore... just scary!)

anyway... so, why was this a bad TIFF experience?

10 minutes into the movie, there was a projection problem. it looked like they were playing a DVD and it froze.

so, we wait 20 something minutes and then the movie finally comes back on...

and, then, with 5-10 minutes left at the end of the movie, the fire alarm goes off and they kick us all out.

i SWEAR, i think they set the alarm off on purpose to get us out.

i think, with the projection problem, the movie ran too long and they needed to clear the theater for the next event... which was the george clooney/anna kendrick movie.

obviously, the george movie would "take priority" over the kiddie 3d flick. but, that seriously sucks of them. just be 20 fucking minutes late. i paid money and i wanted to see the last 10 min of the movie.

they said we could get 1 free ticket to a movie... but, at this point, to me, that's more of a hassle than it's worth. i already have all my movies planned out and i don't want to wait in a cancellation line to try to get tix to another film... (since most movies are sold out at this point).

oh well, just an unfortunate experience. i'm going to have to see this again to find out how it ends... though, we were far enough thru that i could sorta guess...

anyway, it's very fun... just don't bring a little kid.

supposedly the hole will come out in 2010.



This was okay... felt kinda long.

I looked at my watch after 1 hour and was like "wow, this is really only 1/2 over... oy"

michael douglas plays a complete asshole... he's a white collar criminal who beds as many women as possible, mistreats his adult daughter, ex wife, and current girlfriend...

i don't know, i guess it's just too much of a stretch for me to relate to a character like this...

too much of a jerk for me to feel sympathy for...

but, it wasn't bad. nice performance from michael douglas... jenna fischer from 'the office' plays his adult daughter... i love her.

mary louise parker (who i also love) is douglas's girlfriend

susan sarandon (who is never not fantastic) is his ex wife

and olivia thrilby and jesse eisenberg (like them both as well) are a young couple that he comes in contact with...

ultimately a bit of a letdown... but, not really bad.

as for celeb sightings today...

carey mulligan, peter sarsgaard and alfred molina attended the screening of 'an education' i saw this morning and did a q&a -- here are some pix from that!

michael douglas came to the screening of 'solitary man' and said a brief hi to the audience.

and, then, we randomly passed matt damon out on the street. we were close by and got a good look at him but he was being mobbed by people. so, we just looked quick, no pix or anything. didn't dig my camera out in time!

i'm seeing so many movies that i'm too tired to do any actual celeb stalking... which is fine b/c that's actually not something that appeals to me all that much.

i'd have liked to have run into rachelle lefevre here... i'm not gonna lie! but, i'm not all that devastated if i don't!

i've seen anna kendrick multiple times in the past... so, i can live w/o seeing her. though, we're seeing her movie tomorrow morning... i guess there's a slight chance she might be there. (though, it's the 3rd showing of that this week... so, probably not!)

however, here are some press pix of anna and rachelle from a TIFF parties/premieres that were held this week... (i didn't get any invites... lol!)

i do have videos that i took at 'an education' and also a short video of michael douglas from 'solitary man'

quick update from the land of twilight...

ashley, taylor, kristen and rob are all in NYC. no one knows quite how they got there w/o being snapped by the paps... rumor has it that perhaps there was a private plane to take them out to NY...

they should all make some sort of appearance on the VMAs tomorrow... so, stay tuned!

have a great sunday.... 4 more movies for me and a doll meet with the toronto blythe folks.


i seriously seriously am gonna need a vacation from this vacation.

ps. i'm actually watching ANOTHER movie now... we needed to unwind after our day so laura and dayna put on some random kristen stewart movie from a million years ago called 'catch that kid' that i've never seen... so, we'll have a review of that soon too!

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