Saturday, September 12, 2009

12 hours in a car, TIFF Day 1, New Moon HQ Trailer #3, whew

hi all,

i'm blogging to y'all live from a hotel room in toronto.

and, you should be honored. i'm typing this rather than sleeping. oy.

ok, going to be as brief as possible and try to get like 5 hrs of sleep.

thursday night: bobby long in nyc -- enjoyed it a lot. i haven't seen marcus foster yet but i think bobby is probably my fave musician out of rob's little crew.

did take a few videos/pix but they are on a friend's camera and i won't get them for a few days. will post eventually.

drive to toronto today went off without a hitch. took a looooong ass time to get here... 10 hours or so.

rained most of the drive... which sucked.

but, got here safely and that's what's important. here's a shot taken as i drove into the city...

also, got to stop at cracker barrel for lunch. it's not like CB is so amazing... but, we don't have any nearby me so, i love the kitsch value. for those of you who have no idea what cracker barrel is... it's an inexpensive restaurant that's supposed to be "old fashioned style" there is a little store that sells old fashioned homey products attached to it and the whole thing is kind of made of logs or wood... it's just kind of cute and random.

when we got to toronto i had literally 5 min in the room in which i changed my clothes and went RUNNING to my first TIFF movie.

here are my tickets... :-)

i made it in time, picked up my ticket and actually got to see the star of the movie, ben barnes, as he headed into the theater for the premiere.

quick videos of him entering, and being introduced in the theater --



So, having read Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' years ago, I was thinking that it might not make for a very interesting movie.

I remembered the book a short morality tale... Interesting, a decent read, but the subject of a 2 hour film? Maybe not.

Well, it was actually enjoyable. Not amazing amazing amazing, but good!

There were several times that it bordered on campy.... but, I think that made it more interesting.

Some fun special effects... horror movie type. Which are enjoyable in a period piece!

And, one short (fairly chaste) scene of somewhat unexpected boy on boy action that elicited a laugh from the audience (tho everyone was secretly loving it!)

I guess I know i'm officially old now that I can say that I truly find Colin Firth and Ben Chaplin (a pleasant surprise, LOVE him... he deserves to work more) hotter than Ben Barnes.

Ben is certainly not hard on the eyes... but, he's a little too pretty for me.

Though, his freaking BLACK eyes are hypnotic. He was asked about them on the red carpet tonite... they are not contacts... his actual eyes are borderline BLACK. scary stuff!

I want to get this posted... but, other things DID happen today.

In the world of twi, the newest trailer for new moon leaked. i'm posting a youtube version below. fear not, if by the time you see it, the youtube version doesn't load, i will get it back up -- it's saved to my hard drive already so it won't disappear on us... but, the web is slow here so it'll take me time if i upload it myself.

Also, Rob, Kristen and Taylor are expected to be leaving Vancouver eminently for NYC and their appearance on the video music awards.

Their appearance at the awards is expected to be brief and it's possible that there might not be much red carpet activity.

some camps seem to think kristen and taylor will do the carpet and rob will not. this goes back to the "promoting of jacob instead of edward for new moon" ... since new moon is the "jacob" movie and there ain't much rob in it.

plus, it saves rob the trouble of having to do the carpet (and possibly having to sit in the audience at all) as security is obviously a bigger issue relating to rob than to kristen or taylor... since no one plans on attacking them... especially if rob isn't around.

anyway, we'll see soon enough... awards are on sunday. so, you'll see them all there... just might not be much more than a quick intro of the film clip! (in my opinion, they should have had them do a taped intro from vancouver rather than fly them across the country for 10 seconds)

anyway, back to what's actually going on in vancouver...

rumor has it that the sleeping bag scene was filmed today.

ooooooooooh, the beloved sleeping bag scene. just thinking about it makes me wish we could jump right over new moon and head into eclipse. can't wait.

though, in all fairness, the NM trailer looks awesome and i think we might all just wind up loving chris weitz in the same way that i hate catherine hardwicke.



when you are driving for 12 hours, any little thing interests you.

i am not crazy. i don't giggle when i drive behind silver volvos.

but, i do notice when i'm driving behind a silver volvo that was purchased in coquitlam, british columbia... which is where part of the movie set for new moon and eclipse is located.

crazy coincidence.

snapped a pic of it. the guy driving the car TOTALLY noticed and looked v worried that i was taking a pic of his license plate... little did he know *WHY* lol.

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  1. Geez, they practically give away the entire movie in the trailer! lol! And the part with her screaming in bed cracks me up. It'll be the new hospital bed scene!!